Who bought Sun & Skin Care Research LLC?

Who bought Sun & Skin Care Research LLC?

Who bought Sun & Skin Care Research LLC?

Harvey & Company
Harvey & Company initiated the acquisition and subsequently invested in Sun and Skin Care Research, Inc. (“SSCR”), a leading manufacturer of branded and private label sun and skin care products sold throughout the U.S. and in key markets around the world.

Is Ocean Potion still in business?

Sun & Skin Care Research LLC, a Cocoa-based company that makes the Ocean Potion, BullFrog and No-Ad skin care products, is leaving the region after its sale to an undisclosed Canadian company.

Did Ocean Potion buy No-Ad?

He was the guy who convinced Walmart to make shelf space for Ocean Potion. He also acquired No-Ad. He knew something about the sunscreen business. But it was a new world at Sun & Skin Research.

What company makes Ocean Potion?

SolSkyn Personal Care
SolSkyn Personal Care, based in Orlando, Florida, manufactures and markets three well-known sunscreen brands — BullFrog, NO-AD and Ocean Potion.

Did BullFrog go out of business?

Best Answer: Yes, BullFrog sunscreen is still in business. The company makes a variety of sunscreens, including lotions, sprays, and sticks.

Does Ocean Potion have oxybenzone?

OXYBENZONE active ingredient 6%

Who bought BullFrog sunscreen company?

Sun & Skin Care Research
Cocoa, FL – Sun & Skin Care Research (SSCR, LLC) today announced that it completed the acquisition of the popular sunscreen brand Bull Frog from Chattem, Inc., a Division of Sanofi US.

Who purchased Bull Frog?

Is Bull Frog reef safe?

Although it isn’t reef-safe, BullFrog’s Water Sport Armor Tech sunscreen is a great chemical sunscreen lotion featuring 80-minute water resistance. Since it contains oxybenzone, it’s great for the pool, but not as suitable for natural bodies of water.

Is Ocean Potion reef friendly?

“The Ocean Potion® product line is almost completely made up of reef-friendly products if those interest you at all.” The ingredient Oxybenzone is not reef-safe but is not in the SPF 50 product. It is only in the SPF 70. You’re reef-safe with the SPF 50.

Did Bull Frog go out of business?

What company bought No-Ad sunscreen?

– For 2019, SolSkyn Personal Care, makers of Ocean Potion, NO-AD, and BullFrog, continues to bring innovation to the sunscreen category.