How do I organize my mendeley references?

How do I organize my mendeley references?

How do I organize my mendeley references?

Searching your library and organizing your files

  1. Use the default filters. Mendeley Desktop offers a number of default filters in order to help you to organize your research.
  2. Create folders and subfolders. Folders offer a way to quickly filter your view of your library.
  3. Use search to retrieve references.
  4. Tags and filtering.

How do I share my Mendeley library?

Creating Groups: Mendeley’s Website

  1. From the left hand navigation, select the “groups tab”.
  2. Click on “Create a group”.
  3. Choose from a pre-existing group or click on “Create a new group”
  4. Fill in the information for your group, choose between public, invite only and private. Select create.
  5. Invite members to your group.

How do I import from EndNote to Mendeley?

Import from EndNote to Mendeley

  1. Open EndNote, click File, then Export (Choose “Export Selected References” to export selected items).
  2. Set the output file as “XML” (from the drop-dwon list next to “Save as type”.)
  3. Save the export file to your computer.
  4. Open Mendeley Desktop.
  5. Click File, then choose Add Files.

How do you remove duplicates in Word?

Select type Endnotes, insert as Reference, and pick the duplicate you are keeping (not the tagged one) in the list. Click Insert and Close. You should now have one endnote reference in normal size to the left of the insertion point, and a superscripted reference to the right. Hit the Delete key to remove the duplicate.

How do I merge references in Word EndNote?

EndNote: Combining multiple Word Documents Open your EndNote library that have all the references from each Word document. Remove duplicates if there are any. Open the first document that you wish to combine with others. Repeat 2-3 steps with all the documents that need to be combined.

How do I move files from one folder to another in mendeley?

  1. Select the reference you wish to move.
  2. Drag and drop the references to the All Deleted Documents folder under Trash in the left-hand panel of your Mendeley library.
  3. To remove references from the All Deleted Documents folder, drag and drop the references to another folder, or right-click and select Restore Documents.

How do I merge folders in mendeley?

Select the one you’d like to examine and notice the checkboxes next to the document details in the right-hand panel. Select the details that you would like to keep from each of the documents. Click merge to stay with one only merged entry containing the complete document details in your library only once.

Can I merge two mendeley accounts?

Accounts can only be merged by Mendeley Support Center agents. You will need to be able to prove that you own both accounts. To start the process of account merging, please send an email or live chat with us using the relevant links at the bottom of this page.

How do you organize chapters in Word?

Select the first chapter heading in your document. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to Multilevel List. Click a chapter-numbering list definition (one that includes the text Heading 1 or Chapter 1).

How do I activate EndNote in Word?

Click the “Help menu” and select “About Microsoft Office Word.” Click “Disabled Items.” Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click “Enable.”

How do I duplicate in mendeley?


  1. Select All Documents in the left-hand panel.
  2. Go to the Tools menu and select Check for Duplicates.
  3. Sets of duplicate references will be displayed.
  4. Review the references and choose the details that you would like to keep from each reference by selecting the check box next to each field.

How do I make a private group in mendeley?

Creating Groups Click New Group link in Mendeley to create a new private group (left) or go directly to your account at (right). Note that you will have to go to your Mendeley account to complete the process. Add members to the group by clicking on the Invite Members icon.

How do I merge mendeley in Word?

Install the MS Word Plugin

  1. Make sure Word is closed.
  2. Select Tools / Install MS Word Plugin from the Mendeley desktop toolbar.
  3. Open Word.
  4. Select References from the Word toolbar. You should now see a section labeled Mendeley Cit-O-Matic.

How do you merge layers in Word?

Click once on the first image, press and hold down the “Ctrl” key and then click once on each other image. When they’re all selected, click the “Insert” button and the to-be-merged pictures open together on the page, but not yet merged.