Where are Ariston appliances made?

Where are Ariston appliances made?

Where are Ariston appliances made?

Our Story. Ariston was founded by Aristide Merloni in 1930 as a family owned business in Fabriano, Italy. Originally manufacturing weight scales, we quickly diversified to manufacturing domestic appliances such as: cooktops, hot water systems, and liquid gas cylinders.

Who is Ariston owned by?

Whirlpool Corporation unveils all-new innovative kitchen products for its Ariston Brand. Continuing its commitment to simplifying lives through innovation, Whirlpool Corporation, the leading global home appliance manufacturer, has unveiled an all-new innovative kitchen concept for its Ariston brand.

Does Harvey Norman own Ariston?

When asked whether Harvey Norman were expanding into their distribution business via Ariston Mathews said ÔÇťAriston are taking Monster and 3DR and yes they are predominantly owned by Harvey Norman.

Does Ariston still exist?

The company collapsed in 1964 with massive debts. Liquidators found thousands of unsold washing machines in warehouses.

Do Ariston still make fridges?

Ariston offer a range of different types of freestanding and integrated fridge freezers. Discover our smart cooling system functions and features for preserving your food for longer and at the right temperature for different food types such as Day 1 Fresh Technology and Temperature Variable Zone.

Is Ariston a good company?

Ariston is a good brand but the parts are very expensive to replace. Would purchase Ariston again for myself but for the rental we decided to go with a product that had parts more readily available and cheaper.

Where is Ariston washing machine made?

Our products are made in Europe so the manual is not only in English, making it easier for people worldwide.

Is Ariston made in Italy?

Experience the stunning synthesis of form and function. The Italian Ariston Lux is made with super-ecologic insulation materials and energy can be better conserved through its improved titanium-enamel tank.

What happened to the Ariston brand?

Of course the Merloni Group has now changed its name to become “The Indesit Company” and you can find out a lot more form that link about the parent company and brand owner.

How does a fridge temperature work?

The numbers on the fridge’s temperature dial indicate refrigerant power. The higher the number goes the colder the fridge will maintain. Setting it to 5 will make your fridge the coldest. With this out of the way, it should be noted that a lower fridge temperature does not equal better food storage.

Is Ariston a good brand for ovens?