What is B2 level German proficiency?

What is B2 level German proficiency?

What is B2 level German proficiency?

The Goethe-Zertifikat B2 is a German exam for young people and adults. It certifies that candidates have acquired advanced language skills and corresponds to the fourth level (B2) of the six-level scale of competence laid down in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Is Goethe B2 exam difficult?

B2 level exam is more demanding as compare to previous levels. one has to study regularly. You need at least 2 Months thorough Study. you have to practice on the four Skills reading writing speaking and listening you have to score 60% Marks in each skill individually.

How do I get my German B2 certificate?

The German B2 certificate is obtained by passing the GOETHE-ZERTIFIKAT B2 exam, which can be done in paper or digital format. The structure, content and evaluation of the exams is identical regardless of the format.

How do I pass the Goethe B2 exam?

How to Prepare for the B2 Goethe Exam

  1. Choose a grammar unit. Go over it intently throughout the week.
  2. Read for 30 minutes each day. Write down words I don’t know. Through them into Anki.
  3. Write for 20 minutes each day. Use the grammar and words from that week.
  4. Speaking (2 italki sessions per week)

Is German B2 easy?

It is not possible! Even if you move to Germany. It takes most people at least a year to “learn” up to B2, I said “learn” because even then you have to keep on learning since B2 includes pretty much all of the core grammar, which is not easy, and I didn’t even talk about vocabulary!

How do you beat B2 in German?

At least 15 days before the exam, start writing one whole model test paper daily within the stipulated time. Change your phone and app language to German; to pass time listen to German songs and watch German movies/ TV series. Immerse in and surround yourself with the language totally.

Is B2 enough to study in Germany?

As a rule of thumb, German universities require you to present a proof of upper intermediate to advanced German language skills (level B2/C1) to study in German.

How can I prepare for Goethe exam?

The exam preparation course is divided into four parts:

  1. Knowledge test. First things first – you will take a test to analyse your current language skills.
  2. Exercises. Based on your test results your tutor will recommend exercises to meet your individual needs.
  3. Contacting your tutor.
  4. Mock exam.

Can I learn German B2 in 5 months?

As you can see, rapid learning is undoubtedly doable even if you want to learn German from scratch to a B2 level in 5 months or faster. I have done it with dozens of students using the outlined strategy, and results are always great.

Can I learn German in 6 months?

To answer your question, NO it’s not possible! You can’t learn German in 6 months, not even in 6 Years.