Can I play COC on two devices with same account?

Can I play COC on two devices with same account?

Can I play COC on two devices with same account?

You can surely play clash of clans on two devices or even many more devices . You just have to connect your base with a google play account and then you can access it on any device just by loging up with the same google account on any device.

Can you play the same game on different devices?

🏡 Using your Google account (Android devices): Connect your Google account in the game Settings ⚙️ or title screen. Install the game on your new device. Connect the new game to the same Google account used on your other device. Tap/click “Load game”.

How do you get multiple accounts on Castle Clash?

When you start game in each of those games you get 2 different IGG IDs. If you want two accounts link one email for CC and second for CoL2. Since there is IGG ID involved you can use IGG ID of CoL2 in CC to have second account, same can be done in CoL2 just use CC IGG ID you linked with it and use it in CoL2.

How do I transfer my castle clash account to another device?

To transfer your progress, you must first login through Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center on the original device with the progress you want to save. Once your progress is safe, you can recover it from other devices by logging in with the same account!

How do I transfer clash Royale from Android to iPhone 2021?

How to Link Clash Royale from Android to iOS and Vice Versa

  1. Step 1: Open game on the device you want to link your account from, make sure you are using the correct Google/Game Center ID of the current Clash Royale account.
  2. Step 2: Tap on the small Settings icon as you can see in the screenshot below.

How do you play a game on two different devices?

Go to your device settings and log onto your Google Play or Game Center account….While your account is connected:

  1. your game progress is automatically saved,
  2. you can transfer your progress from an old to a new device, and.
  3. you can sync your game between several devices on the same platform (Android or iOS).

Can I play State of survival on 2 devices?

Account transfer between Android and iOS is impossible in our game. You can play only on one platform, which your account was created on. The service of account transfer between Android and iOS is not provided.

How do I start over on castle clash?

Just make a new google account and sign in then open castle clash go to settings switch your account there. You don’t have to delete the application from your phone. You just need to create a new game id. Log out your old game id, start a new id, and you have a new account.

How do I transfer my war order to my new phone?

How do I transfer my war and Order account?

  1. Go to your device Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.
  2. Open your Safari browser, go to Facebook, and login to your target account. (You may also want to switch accounts in your Facebook app to be safe.)
  3. Enter the game and switch accounts.

How can I have 2 Clash of Clans accounts on my Iphone?

Yes, you can have multiple COC accounts on one supercell ID. To add another account, open the game and go to the settings menu. Select “add account” and enter the information for the new account.