Is the pirate show at Myrtle Beach worth it?

Is the pirate show at Myrtle Beach worth it?

Is the pirate show at Myrtle Beach worth it?

We are locals in myrtle beach and have enjoyed this show for years. Our grandchildren visit from nc, and going to the pirate show is their favorite. We never mind going every year (at least) because it is so entertaining for all ages, the food and service are great and the price is right for dinner and show.

How much is the pirate show at Myrtle Beach?

$49.04-$54.49 for adults
Tickets prices are $49.04-$54.49 for adults, $23.97-$29.42 for children over three years. Children under three are free if they share a seat with a member of their party. The show starts at 6:00 pm most nights, check the website for more information on the show schedule, group discounts, and discount packages.

How long is Pirates Voyage show Myrtle Beach?

around 2 hours
The doors open at 50 minutes before the performance. The show is around 2 hours long so take that into consideration when you plan your arrival time. However, there is an entertaining pre-show in the Pirates Village with pirates singing and tricks to help pass the minutes before your meal begins.

Is there a pre-show for Pirates Voyage Myrtle Beach?

Due to social distancing guidelines, we currently do not have a preshow. However, guests will still enjoy our spectacular main show and delicious four-course feast.

Is Pirates Voyage family friendly?

Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge has something for everyone. Our show is kid-friendly but will keep the adults entertained as well! You can enjoy everything from an exciting pirate battle, to beautiful mermaids and tropical birds, to a meal that everyone will love.

Is alcohol served at Pirates Voyage Myrtle Beach?

Pirates Voyage does have alcohol available during the pre-show. over a year ago. Yes there is drinks available, some are pretty good!

Does Pirates Voyage have a Christmas show?

After a highly successful opening season, Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in Pigeon Forge prepares to sail into the holidays with a new Christmas show that offers a spectacular swashbuckling spin on “A Christmas Carol” with Captain Scrooge and his cavalier crew.

How much are tickets for Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge?

Adult admission for regular seating costs $49.99, and kids admission for ages 3-11 costs $29.99 for regular and preferred seating, according to the attraction’s website. Adult preferred seating costs $56.99.

What do they serve at the Pirates Voyage?

The meal begins with the pirates’ very own voyager creamy vegetable soup and buccaneer bread. The feast fit for a pirate – or mermaid – continues with cracklin’ pan-fried chicken, swashbucklin’ sugar-cured ham, buttery corn on the cob, and an herb-basted potato.

Is Pirates Voyage All you can eat?

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show This theater is deemed as one of the “most fun places to eat!” Bring your appetite when you come to see this show. As you watch Blackbeard and his quartermaster, Calico Jack, lead the Crimson and Sapphire crews in a battle, you’ll enjoy a four-course, all-you-can-eat pirate feast.