How do I put a YouTube video in a PowerPoint full screen?

How do I put a YouTube video in a PowerPoint full screen?

How do I put a YouTube video in a PowerPoint full screen?

How to link a video in PowerPoint

  1. Insert > Video > Video on My PC > Insert drop-down arrow > Link to File.
  2. Resize video – to fit your design, content, and layout, or make it full screen.
  3. Playback > Video Options > Play Full Screen – easy option to play full screen.

How do I change PowerPoint 2010 to widescreen?

To change the slide size:

  1. Select the Design tab of the toolbar ribbon.
  2. Select Slide Size near the far right end of the toolbar.
  3. Select Standard (4:3 aspect ratio) or Widescreen (16:9) or Custom Slide Size.

How do I insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint 2011?

In PowerPoint, select your slide and click on the Insert tab at the top. On the far right of the Insert menu, you’ll see a Video option. Click the Video icon and select Online Video… from the drop-down menu. A dialog box will pop up, and you’ll see a Paste embed code here box.

How do I get PowerPoint to display full screen?

Select “Slide Show” from the ribbon menu, and then select “Set Up Slide Show.” Tick the box labeled “Presented By A Speaker” or “Browsed At A Kiosk” to force the presentation to run in full-screen mode. Click or tap “OK” to confirm.

How do I make YouTube full screen?

YouTube app

  1. Tap the video you’d like to watch.
  2. At the bottom of the video player, tap full screen .

How do I enlarge a video in PowerPoint?

In Normal view, click the movie that you want to play full screen. Under Video Tools, on the Playback tab, in the Video Options group, select Play Full Screen.

How do I change PowerPoint to widescreen without stretching?

Right click on an image and select Size and Position. From this dialog, click in the Height box in the Scale section. Now, just click up once and down once. As long as the Lock Aspect Ratio checkbox is checked, you can change the scale by 1 step and then switching it back will fix your image.

How do I make my PowerPoint wide?

Changing slide size in PowerPoint 2016, 2019 or 365

  1. In Normal View, click the Design tab in the Ribbon.
  2. Click Slide Size in the Customize group.
  3. Select Widescreen, Standard or another option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the desired dimensions or select another option under Slide Size.
  5. Click OK.

How do I embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint without ads?

2. Use an Embed Code

  1. Go to YouTube and find the desired video. Click on Share, and then choose the Embed icon to generate an HTML code.
  2. Open your presentation and select the slide. Go to Insert and click Video → Online Video again.
  3. Insert the code into the From a Video Embed Code field.
  4. Click on Insert or press Enter.