Is it hard to get into a sorority at University of Arizona?

Is it hard to get into a sorority at University of Arizona?

Is it hard to get into a sorority at University of Arizona?

The minimum GPA to join a USFC sorority is a 2.5 cumulative from college however many require a 2.75 cumulative college GPA. All USFC sororities will expect applicants to have ample documented community service hours, community involvement, and campus leadership.

Does University of Arizona have sorority houses?

Only 25 of 49 fraternities and sororities have housing at The University of Arizona. All housed fraternities are within the Interfraternity Council, and all housed sororities are within the Panhellenic Council.

How much does Kappa Alpha Theta cost?

How much does it cost to join? The one-time cost of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal is $299. Our 50-year plus members can join for a one-time cost of $189.

What are Kappa Alpha Theta values?

Values. Scholarship, service, leadership, personal excellence, and friendship/sisterhood.

Does U of Arizona have Greek life?

A strong Fraternity and Sorority community reinforces the University’s strength. The UA Greek community continues to be a leader in the fraternal world and has developed proactive cutting edge programs for our community.

Does everyone get a sorority bid?

Does everyone get a bid on Bid Day? In short, no. It is rare, but some girls will make it all the way through Preference Night and still not get a bid. However, women who do not get a bid are eligible for COB, which can occur at anytime after formal recruitment.

What are Theta sorority colors?

Kappa Alpha Theta
Colors Black Gold
Symbol Kite, Twin Stars
Flower Black and Gold Pansy
Publication The Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine

How many frats are at U of A?

THERE ARE 26 NATIONAL FRATERNITIES ON THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA CAMPUS. WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU? All chapters at Arizona belong to a governing council. Both the Interfraternity Council and the United Sorority & Fraternity Council are home to fraternities and offer different experiences.