How warm is Atlanta in January?

How warm is Atlanta in January?

How warm is Atlanta in January?

Daily high temperatures are around 53°F, rarely falling below 39°F or exceeding 66°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 52°F on January 8. Daily low temperatures are around 36°F, rarely falling below 22°F or exceeding 51°F.

Whats the coldest Atlanta has ever been?

−8 °F
The lowest recorded temperatures were −6 °F (−21.1 °C) and −8 °F (−22.2 °C) on January 20 and 21 of 1985, and −9 °F (−22.8 °C) on February 13, 1899. There was also an official recording of −10 °F (−23.3 °C) in 1985 in Marietta.

What was the coldest year in Georgia?

Georgia annual average temperature – 63.51 degrees, 5th warmest state in the U.S.

  • Record Hottest year in Georgia – 1921 / Avg temperature 66.28 degrees.
  • Record Coldest year in Georgia – 1976 / Avg temperature 61.72 degrees.
  • What was the coldest day in Atlanta in 2020?

    Atlanta – Lowest Temperature for Each Year

    Min °F Date Min °C
    22 December 26, 2020 -6
    22 January 21, 2019 -6
    13 January 02, 2018 -11
    15 January 08, 2017 -9

    Does Atlanta get snow in January?

    With January average temperatures of 44.8 F (7.1 C), you would not expect snow to fall often, and lows at or below freezing can be expected, on average, 36 nights every year.

    What state has the best weather in January?

    Overall, Hawaii is the warmest US state to visit in January. However, the month’s also the ‘coldest’ time of the year to visit the coastal town on Hawaii’s Big Island. Average low temperatures range from a pleasant 69°F (20.5°C) to a very nice 81°F (27°C).

    What is the coldest city in Georgia?

    Coldest: Blairsville, Georgia Surrounded almost entirely by the Chattahoochee National Forest, Blairsville’s average low temperature is a chilly 43 degrees.

    When was the coldest Christmas in Georgia?

    The record low on Christmas day was just seven degrees back in 1983. The coldest Christmas high temperature was also set in 1983, where the afternoon only got up to 25 degrees.

    What is the coldest place in Georgia?

    What do people wear in Atlanta in January?

    Monthly Clothes Forecast

    month Clothes Forecast
    Jan It is cold enough to wear a coat, you will need winter clothes. Sometimes you will need gloves and a warm hat.
    Feb Sometimes a jacket will be comfortable. Sometimes it is cold enough to wear a coat, gloves, warm hat.