What will be the price of Surface Pro 8?

What will be the price of Surface Pro 8?

What will be the price of Surface Pro 8?

Surface Pro 8 specs The starting price version of the Surface Pro 8 ($1099/£999) comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. Those who remember getting the Surface Pro 7 when it came out will see that as a bit of a step up in both insides, but also price.

Are Surface Pro’s worth the money?

Without it, the Surface Pro is really just a nice, and expensive, tablet. It also is a great keyboard for its kind. Despite its thinness, the Type Cover offers a surprisingly comfortable typing experience, with good key travel. There’s also backlighting, adjustable through several levels of brightness.

How expensive is a Surface Pro?

But being the best Surface Pro in years comes at a significant cost: it’s the most expensive device out there. The Surface Pro 8 starts at $1,099 / £999 / AU$1,649, which is much more expensive than it’s been in the past. Compare that with the Surface Pro 7 which launched for $749 / £799 / AU$1,249 in 2019.

Is Surface Pro being discontinued?

No, Microsoft is not discontinuing the Surface Pro 3.

Does the Surface Pro 8 come with a pen?

The Surface Pro 8 has a larger, faster display, new processors to improve performance and extend battery life, Thunderbolt 4 for greater versatility and a new keyboard and pen. It is, however, still pricey, and the keyboard, which is pretty much a must-have, isn’t included. Neither is its active pen.

Does Surface Pro 8 have a fan?

All in all, this Surface Pro 8 is a major update over the previous generation, now available with a larger display, an updated pen, faster hardware, a bigger battery, and USB-C Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. It’s also a fair bit more expensive, and no longer fanless.

Why is Surface Pro 8 so expensive?

The biggest reason for the increased price of the Surface Pro line is that Microsoft cut the most affordable option. You can’t order a Surface Pro 8 with an Intel Core i3 and 4GB of RAM. For those looking for the most affordable Surface Pro, you’ll have to see whether the Surface Pro X meets your needs.

Why are surfaces so expensive?

SSD is more reliable and is quicker and uses less power, however, it comes at a higher price whereas HDD is cheaper and offers more storage capabilities than SSD. The higher the HDD and SSD, specifically the SSD on the Surface Laptop, the more expensive it will be.