Why is TPHA positive?

Why is TPHA positive?

Why is TPHA positive?

Answers (2) TPHA POSITIVE MEANS YOU HAD infection with treponema sometimes in your life. Treatment depends on your history and stage.

Can TPHA be false positive?

Treponemal tests such as TPHA, having lower sensitivities in primary syphilis, remain positive despite treatment and give false positive results uncommonly.

What is TPHA test in pregnancy?

In order to determine whether pregnancy influences the specificity of the fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS) and Treponema palidum haemagglutination assay (TPHA) tests, these tests, together with the quantitative fluorescent treponemal antibody (FTA) and Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) …

How accurate is TPHA test?

As described, there are two standard screening methods and two alternative confirmatory tests for the laboratory diagnosis of syphilis: VDRL (sensitivity = 86%, specificity = 85%); RPR (sensitivity = 78%, specificity = 85%); TPHA (sensitivity >95%, specificity >99%) and.

Can TPHA become negative after treatment?

In none of the 55 cases of early syphilis in which the pre-treatment TPHA was positive, did the TPHA test become consistently negative after treatment, although negative results were observed occasionally and tran- siently in patients whose pre-treatment titre had been low.

What causes false positive syphilis?

False-positive result may be seen in certain acute or chronic infections (e.g., tuberculosis, hepatitis, malaria, early HIV infection), autoimmune diseases (e.g., systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis), injection drug use, pregnancy, and following vaccination (e.g., smallpox, MMR).

How long is TPHA positive?

IgM antibody tests are the first to become positive 2 weeks after infection, followed rapidly by other specific and reaginic tests. The IgM response usually wanes within 2 years but the EIA and TPPA/TPHA tests remain positive for the rest of the patient’s life.