Why did Marcus leave Corrie?

Why did Marcus leave Corrie?

Why did Marcus leave Corrie?

Marcus is later shocked to see that his partner Todd kissing another man, making Marcus realize there is nothing left for him in Weatherfield and he decides to leave, after reconciling with Maria.

Who played Aidan Critchley in Coronation Street?

Dean Ashton
Ashton had previously appeared in bit parts on TV shows, before securing the role of Aidan after three auditions….

Aidan Critchley
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Dean Ashton
Duration 2002–2003
First appearance 12 April 2002

What part did Charlie Condou play in Corrie?

Marcus Dent
Former Coronation Street actor Charlie Condou, who played Marcus Dent on the soap from 2007 until 2014, has hinted at a nasty personality amongst the cast.

Is Anthony Cotton in a relationship?

Antony is not married although he exchanged rings with long-term partner Peter Eccleston in 2010. At the time a source told the Mirror: “He and Peter are so much in love. “They have exchanged rings to show they are as good as a married couple, although they haven’t had a civil ceremony.”

Who is Charlie Condou married to?

Cameron LauxCharlie Condou / Spouse (m. 2015)

Is Charlie Condou still in Coronation Street?

In 2007, Condou gained wider recognition when he took the role of sonographer Marcus Dent in the soap opera Coronation Street, which he remained until 2014….

Charlie Condou
Years active 1986–present
Television Nathan Barley Coronation Street
Spouse(s) Cameron Laux ​ ( m. 2015)​
Children 2

Who is Anthony cottons mother?

Enid DunnAntony Cotton / Mother

Has Sean from Corrie had a hair transplant?

Shepherd has revealed the results of his second hair transplant in a year. The David Platt actor underwent his first procedure at Crown Clinic in January last year after noticing his hair was falling out due to stress.

Does Charlie Condou have children?

Georgia CondouCharlie Condou / Children

Where does Charlie Condou live?

Personal life. Condou is openly gay and he married his long-term Canadian boyfriend Cameron Laux on 8 June 2015. He lives in Islington with his husband and his children, Georgia and Hal, who split their time between him and their mother, the actress Catherine Kanter.

How old is Anthony cottons mum?

The mother and son duo had a tiff when they were filming the ‘That’ll Do’ campaign for Yorkshire-based communications provider Plusnet. Corrie’s Antony, 45, couldn’t stop laughing, leaving his 75-year-old mum with no choice but to tell him off in the cheeky clip. She said: “You’re not too big for a slap, Antony.

Is Anthony cottons mum famous?