Why did Billy get kidnapped in Eastenders?

Why did Billy get kidnapped in Eastenders?

Why did Billy get kidnapped in Eastenders?

In the storyline, Billy was kidnapped after witnessing an armed robbery and the whole family was relocated under a witness protection programme until Billy testified in court. While the majority of the Jackson family returned to the serial, Billy Jackson was not seen again until 2004.

What happened to Billy Jackson in Eastenders?

He joined the army and ended his relationship with Whitney, who Carol had never approved of. However, Billie tragically died of alcohol poisoning at his 22nd birthday party.

Who played Billy Jackson in Eastenders?

Devon AndersonBillie Jackson / Played byDevon Carlo Anderson is an English actor. Anderson’s roles include Billie Jackson in EastEnders and Sonny Valentine in Hollyoaks. Wikipedia

Is Billy killed in EastEnders?

When EastEnders aired the sad event, Billie’s half-sister Bianca Jackson (played by Patsy Palmer) found her brother dead. Billie’s cause of death was alcohol poisoning, after Billie drank an entire bottle of vodka given to him by his cousin Lauren Branning (played by Jacqueline Jossa).

Why did the Jacksons leave Albert Square?

Carol throws Dan out, tells Bianca’s husband Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen) about the affair and disowns her daughter. She aborts Dan’s child and leaves Albert Square in October 1999 to care for her critically ill mother, Reenie (Joy Graham), who dies.

What age is Billy in EastEnders?

In EastEnders, Billy Mitchell is actually 61-years-old, but the actor who plays him – Perry Fenwick – is 58-years-old. Billy is the son of Steven and Janet Mitchell, the brother of Charlie Mitchell, the ex-husband of Little Mo Slater and Honey Mitchell.

Who played Billie Jackson?

Devon AndersonBillie Jackson / Played by

Is Honey Mitchell leaving EastEnders?

Barton briefly reprised the role of Honey in 2014, appearing from 27 May to 6 June 2014, however, it was later confirmed in September 2015 that the character would be making a permanent return, and Honey returned full-time from 12 November 2015. She took a break in 2020, departing on 17 January.

How old is Billy Mitchell in EastEnders?

Promoted Stories. Billy then revealed he was, in fact, 63.

Did Alan Jackson sleep with Frankie?

Alan catches the eye of singer Frankie Pierre, who does everything she can to seduce him. Despite Alan’s initial protests, he soon succumbs and they have sex.