Who was the first CM of Jharkhand?

Who was the first CM of Jharkhand?

Who was the first CM of Jharkhand?

Chief ministers of Jharkhand

No. Name Term
1 Babulal Marandi 2 years, 123 days
2 Arjun Munda 1 year, 349 days
3 Shibu Soren 10 days
(2) Arjun Munda 1 year, 191 days

Who is the head of Jharkhand Cricket Association?

Dr Nafees Akhtar
Dr Nafees Akhtar is the current president of Jharkhand Cricket Association.

Who made Ranchi cricket stadium?

It was inaugurated in January 2013. The first ODI match was played on 19 January 2013 between India and England. As of 19 November 2021, it has hosted 2 Test, 5 ODIs and 3 T20I….JSCA International Stadium Complex.

Ground information
Establishment 2010
Capacity 50,000
Owner Jharkhand State Cricket Association
Architect Kothari Associates Pvt. Ltd.

When was the International Cricket Stadium constructed by Jharkhand?

The correct answer is 2010. Jharkhand States Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium is also known as JSCA International Stadium Complex. It is situated in Ranchi, Jharkhand. It was established in 2010.

Who founded Jharkhand?

Initially, in 1928, it was demand of Unnati Samaj, political wing of Christian Tribals Association, which submitted a memorandum to Simon Commission to constitute a tribal state in eastern India. Prominent leader like Jaipal Singh Munda and Ram Narayan Singh demanded a separate state.

What is the name of Ranchi cricket stadium?

JSCA International Stadium Complex
JSCA International Stadium Complex or formerly known as Jharkhand States Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium is situated in Ranchi. The first ODI at the ground was played between India and England on January 19, 2013. Since then, two more ODIs have been played at this ground.

Who is the secretary of BCCI?

Jay Amitbhai Shah (born 22 September 1988) is an Indian businessman and cricket administrator. He became the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Secretary in 2019. He is also the president of Asian Cricket Council. He is the son of Amit Shah, India’s Minister of Home Affairs.

How many stadiums are there in India?

India has 52 international cricket venues, the most in any country – 29 more than the next most: England with 23. International cricket was held in India for the first time in December 1933 when the Gymkhana Ground in Bombay played host to the India-England Test match.

Is there any match in Ranchi?

There are no Upcoming Matches Available.

Who was the king of Ranchi?

Magadha Empire exercised indirect control over the territory, which lasted until the reign of the Ashoka. Armies of Samudra Gupta passed through the region on their expedition to the Deccan. In 4th century CE, Nagvanshi king Raja Pratap Rai chose Chutia as his capital which is now a place in Ranchi.