Who played guitar on Robert Plant solo album?

Who played guitar on Robert Plant solo album?

Who played guitar on Robert Plant solo album?

The original lineup, however, featured a young guitarist named Robbie Blunt with whom Robert Plant would strike up a musical rapport, leading to Blunt’s installation as lead guitarist for Robert Plant’s solo band for which he would record on Plant’s first three solo albums before his departure in 1985.

Who played guitar on Robert Plant Now and Zen?

Recorded after a three-year hiatus – and the winding-up of Plant’s creative partnership with Midlands guitarist Robbie Blunt – Now & Zen signalled a new stage in the former Zeppelin marauder’s musical journey.

Who plays guitar on Robert Plant Ship of Fools?

Doug Boyle
Robert Plant – Ship of Fools – Live Madison Square Garden, New York 1988 Robert Plant – Vocals Doug Boyle – Guitar Charlie Jones – Bass Phil Johnstone – Keyboards Chris Blackwell – Drums This tribute channel is not monetized and receives no monetary gain from the videos uploaded or from any other source…..

What is Robert Plant’s most famous song?

1: Big Log (from ‘The Principle Of Moments’, 1983) It’s easy to see why Robert Plant’s 1983 single Big Log became his biggest hit.

Who played drums on Robert Plant’s first solo album?

drummer Phil Collins
Pictures at Eleven is the debut solo album by former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant, released in 1982. Genesis drummer Phil Collins played drums for five of the album’s eight songs.

How many records has Robert Plant Sold?

ROBERT PLANT sold over 11,667,500 albums, including 9,000,000 in the United States and 1,520,000 in the United Kingdom.

Who played guitar on big log?

Keyboardist Gerald “Jezz” Woodroffe and guitarist Robbie Blunt co-wrote the song with Plant. In Robert Plant: The Voice that Sailed Zeppelin, author Dave Thompson describes Blunt’s importance to The Principle of Moments (including this song).

Who originally sang Ship of Fools?

World Party
Ship of Fools (World Party song)

“Ship of Fools”
Songwriter(s) Karl Wallinger
Producer(s) Karl Wallinger
World Party singles chronology
“Private Revolution” (1986) “Ship of Fools” (1987) “Put the Message in the Box” (1990)

What is Led Zeppelin’s favorite Led Zeppelin song?

‘Kashmir’ (1975) Kashmir is the track that Plant has mentioned on most occasions as being his all-time favourite Led Zep track, with him telling Rolling Stone: “’Kashmir’ in particular.

Did Phil Collins play drums for Robert Plant?

Following the strength of these albums, Plant launched a successful tour in 1983. Phil Collins was the drummer for Plant’s band for the North American portion of the tour. Collins was content to perform in the background, despite his own enormous success as a solo artist and with Genesis at the time.