Who owns South African vineyards?

Who owns South African vineyards?

Who owns South African vineyards?

The fact is that foreign investors now have a stake in approximately 100 South African wine estates, which is about 16% of the total. The owners are mostly Dutch, French, British, German, American and Swiss, although countries such as Israel, Russia, Singapore, Australia and the Congo are also piling in.

What was the first winery in South Africa?

Klein Constantia – 1685 (1817), Constantia Constantia is South Africa’s oldest wine region having been founded in 1685 by Simon van der Stel. When Stel died it was divided into three farms with Hendrik Cloete taking over the majority.

Who started wine in South Africa?

Jan van Riebeeck
Three Centuries of Cape Wine But much more evolved than that – the establishment of a trading station led to a flourishing wine industry and later to the birth of a nation. Jan van Riebeeck, the first governor of the Cape, planted a vineyard in 1655, and on 2 February 1659, the first wine was made from Cape grapes.

What wine is South Africa known for?

South Africa Has Its Own Unique Wine – Pinotage Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon are currently the most widely planted varietals in South Africa, but Pinotage is the only one that is unique to South Africa. Pinotage is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault.

Who owns Hidden Valley?

Riaan Stassen, bought the farm and took over the reigns in June 2015. Having worked for Distillers for 14 years, his new venture is not completely foreign to him! Since arriving at Hidden Valley he has implemented various projects and upgrades to further enhance the consumer experience at the estate.

Which product is citrusdal famous for?

citrus fruits
Citrusdal is synonymous with its superior citrus fruits and products, although local farmers also grow rooibos tea and vegetables, produce honey and keep cattle and sheep, and the Goue Vallei wines are produced from locally grown grapes.

What is the most widely planted grape in South Africa?

Chenin Blanc
Chenin Blanc (or Steen as it is sometimes known) is the most planted wine grape variety in South Africa at 18.6% of wine grapes. The Chenin Blanc grape has a long history in the Cape as it was one of the first wine grape cultivars introduced to the Cape by Jan van Riebeek in the 1650’s.

Who is the first Cape wine farmer?

In the early 1650s, Cape Town was established as a refreshment station along the Spice Route between Europe and Asia, and the first vines were planted by the Dutch governor, Jan van Riebeeck.