Who is the artist of the Riace bronzes 460 420bc?

Who is the artist of the Riace bronzes 460 420bc?

Who is the artist of the Riace bronzes 460 420bc?

“Statue A” was probably created between the years 460 and 450 BC, and “Statue B” between 430 and 420 BC. Some believe that “Statue A” was the work of Myron, and that a pupil of Phidias, called Alkamenes, created “Statue B”.

Who made the Riace warrior sculpture?

Those that support the earlier chronology argue that Statue A is the earlier of the two pieces. Those scholars also make a connection between the warriors and the workshops of famous ancient sculptors. For instance, some scholars suggest that the sculptor Myron crafted Statue A, while Alkamenes created Statue B.

How were the Riace Warriors dated?

Dating & Manufacture The statues have been dated to between 460 and 450 BCE. Although there are differences in execution of style between the figures, there are also enough similarities for renowned Greek sculpture expert John Boardman to consider them probably contemporary.

What does the Riace Warrior represent?

The Riace warriors both display the abilities of the bronze medium to represent the dynamism versus the severe placid style. Together with this and their closeness to the contropposto stance, the Riace Warriors make for a smooth transition to the High Classical Greek period.

What makes the Riace Warrior so interesting?

What is the sculpture method used to create the bronze ancient Greek sculpture Riace Warrior?

lost-wax casting process
The Riace Warriors were created using what method? Explanation: From the Archaic period on, many ancient Greek bronze statues were created using the complex, multi-step lost-wax casting process. In this process, a series of molds are created using wax and clay and molten bronze is poured into the final set of molds.

Who first sculpted the Hermes and baby Dionysus?

Praxiteles of Athens
This sculpture is the work of Praxiteles of Athens (c. 390-332). He seems to have been the most highly regarded sculptor in antiquity.