Who is Pope Gregory xviii?

Who is Pope Gregory xviii?

Who is Pope Gregory xviii?

Sergio María Ginés Jesús Hernández y Martínez (born 1 July 1959), known by his religious name as Sergio María and by his papal name as Gregory XVIII, is the former pope of the Palmarian Christian Church. Hernández was in office from 2011 until his 2016 abdication.

Who was the pope in 1234?

Gregory promulgated the Decretals in 1234, a code of canon law that remained the fundamental source of ecclesiastical law for the Catholic Church until after World War I. Ugo, nephew of Pope Innocent III, studied theology at the University of Paris, but his early ecclesiastical career marked him as a diplomat.

Who was pope in 1242?

Pope Gregory IX

Pope Gregory IX
Gregory IX in a manuscript miniature c. 1270
Church Catholic Church
Papacy began 19 March 1227
Papacy ended 22 August 1241

How many Palmarians are there?

The Palmarian Church is a small group. Today, there are somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 members (of which some 30 are clerics, and 40 are nuns,) though the membership was somewhat bigger a few decades ago.

How many St Gregory’s are there?

There have been 16 popes named Gregory in the Roman Catholic church. Of these the three who made the greatest impact on their times and in the church they served were St. Gregory I the Great, St. Gregory VII, and Gregory IX.

Which pope killed the cats?

Gregory IX
So while the funny and interesting part of the life of Gregory IX is that he called for the killing of cats he also had quite an eventful time while in the papacy. Being the nephew of Pope Innocent III and having studied theology at the University of Paris Ugo was from a young age very into his spiritual side.

Is there a Palmarian church?

The church does not recognize any popes after Paul VI as Catholic, and holds that the Palmarian Christian Church has continued the papacy….

Palmarian Christian Church
Founder Clemente Domínguez y Gómez (as Pope Gregory XVII) Jesus, according to Palmarian tradition
Origin August 6, 1978 Andalusia, Spain

Was there a Pope Gregory XVII?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Clemente Domínguez y Gómez (23 May 1946 – 22 March 2005) was a self-proclaimed successor of Pope Paul VI and was recognised as Pope Gregory XVII by supporters of the Palmarian Christian Church schismatic breakaway movement in 1978.

What language did Gregory of Nyssa write in?

original Greek
The complete works of Gregory of Nyssa are published in the original Greek with Latin commentary as Gregorii Nysseni Opera: Vol.