Who is on CBS This Morning?

Who is on CBS This Morning?

Who is on CBS This Morning?

The original incarnation of CBS This Morning made its debut on November 30, 1987, with hosts Harry Smith, former Good Morning America news anchor Kathleen Sullivan, and Mark McEwen, a holdover from the show’s infotainment-intensive predecessor The Morning Program as weather caster and announcer.

Who is the woman on CBS This Morning?

Michelle Miller is the co-host of CBS SATURDAY MORNING. Miller joined the broadcast in July of 2018. Her work regularly appears on the “CBS Evening News,” “CBS This Morning” and “CBS Sunday Morning.” She has also appeared as a correspondent on “48 Hours.” Miller joined CBS News in 2004.

Who was the singer on CBS Saturday Morning today?

pianist Neal Francis
Chicago-based singer-songwriter-pianist Neal Francis appeared on CBS This Morning’s “Saturday Sessions” today, performing “Can’t Stop The Rain,” “Problems,” and “Alameda Apartments” from his critically acclaimed latest album, In Plain Sight (ATO).

Who was the artist on CBS Sunday Morning today?

Artist Shirley Woodson: Life captured in bold strokes.

Where is Jamie Yuccas from?

Maple Grove alum returns to her Minnesota roots. After six and half years as a reporter for NBC2 in Fort Myers, Florida, Jamie Yuccas has returned to her Minnesota roots as beat reporter and anchor for WCCO. “It feels great to be back,” says Yuccas.

What show did CBS This Morning replace?

The weekday show re-launched as “CBS This Morning” in 2012 with King, Charlie Rose and Erica Hill as anchors. Norah O’Donnell soon replaced Hill (now on CNN) and John Dickerson took over for Rose amid his sexual misconduct scandal.

Who are the woman on CBS Saturday morning?

Each Saturday morning, Michelle Miller, Dana Jacobson, and Jeff Glor deliver two hours of original reporting, breaking news and profiles of leading figures in culture and the arts. The show is presented in an engaging and informative format that challenges the norm in network morning news programs.

How old is Charles Osgood?

89 years (January 8, 1933)Charles Osgood / Age

What band was on CBS Saturday morning today?

Punch Brothers were on CBS Saturday Morning to perform a Saturday Sessions set of three songs from their new album, Hell on Church Street: Jimmie Rodgers’ “Any Old Time,” the traditional tune “Cattle in the Cane,” and Norman Blake’s “Church Street Blues.” The album is the band’s reimagining of, and homage to, the late …

How old is Jaime yuccas?

39 years (August 3, 1982)Jamie Yuccas / Age