Who does the song the Israelites?

Who does the song the Israelites?

Who does the song the Israelites?

Desmond DekkerIsraelites / ArtistDesmond Dekker was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer-songwriter and musician. Together with his backing group The Aces, he had one of the earliest international reggae hits with “Israelites”. Other hits include “007”, “It Mek” and “You Can Get It If You Really Want”. Wikipedia

Who wrote Israelites?

Desmond Dekker
Leslie Kong

What year was Desmond Dekker Israelites?

1968Israelites / Released
With “The Israelites,” released in Jamaica in December 1968, Dekker had an international impact. “I was telling people not to give up as things will get better,” Dekker said in an interview last year for the Web site Set the Tone 67. “The Israelites” reached No. 1 in Britain and No.

Is the Israelites ska or reggae?

“Israelites” was the first reggae songs to hit number one in the U.K. It also hit number one in the Netherlands, Jamaica, South Africa, Canada, Sweden and West Germany. The song hit number 9 in America. Dekker reached number 14 on the charts with his rude boy song, “007 (Shanty Town)” in 1967.

What are people from Israel called?

The State of Israel maintains a national population registry in which every resident is classified by both “citizenship” and “nationality.” The citizenship of all Israelis is listed as “Israeli.” However, under “nationality,” they are defined as belonging to different ethnic and religious groups, among them Jewish.

Who were the Israelites descendants of?

Jewish belief states that the Israelites descended from a man named Abraham. The Hebrew Bible says that God told Abraham to settle in Canaan. God promised that Abraham and his descendants would always control Canaan. Abraham’s grandson Jacob was also named Israel.

Who backed Desmond Dekker?

Dekker then brought together four blood brothers named Carl, Patrick, Clive and Barry Howard to be his backing singers. Originally called the Four Aces, the group cut popular songs including the bouncing Get Up Adina and spiritual Mount Zion.

Are Israelites gentiles?

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), also called Mormonism, members regard themselves as Israelites, and “Gentile” is used to denote any person who is not of the house of Israel (i.e., not a member of one of the 12 tribes of Israel) through blood descent or adoption by means of baptism into the LDS …