Who does Betty accuse in the crucible?

Who does Betty accuse in the crucible?

Who does Betty accuse in the crucible?


Why does Abigail say the proctors dismissed her?

Why does Abigail say she was dismissed by the Proctors’? She claims that she was dismissed because she refused to be treated like a slave.

What happens to John at the end of Act 3?

In Act III of The Crucible, John Proctor loses control of his ability to try to please the mob and stops feeding into the hysteria in Salem by refusing to lie about his affair with Abigail Williams.

What is Abigail in Act 3?

Act 3. Abigail is brought into the courtroom (along with the other afflicted girls) by Danforth for questioning. She denies that she has lied about the supernatural torments she’s been through, affirming that Mary is lying and that “Goody Proctor always kept poppets” (Act 3, p.

What was wrong with Betty?

Betty is essentially suffering from a psychological illness, which stems from her fear of being punished for dancing in the woods with the other girls. Hysteria concerning witchcraft may also motivate Betty to remain incapacitated in her bed. As far as an actual physical illness goes, there is nothing wrong with Betty.

What does Betty hear that makes her cry out?

Betty screams when she hears the Lord’s prayer, the Lord’s name. “Meanwhile, as a psalm is sung in the room downstairs, Betty claps her hands over her ears and begins whining loudly. Betty’s behavior is taken as a sign of witchcraft, which has made it impossible for the girl to hear the Lord’s name.”

What is Act 3 of the crucible about?

In Act 3 of The Crucible, we meet the judges who have been conducting the witch trials. John Proctor and Mary Warren finally confront the court with the truth, but, as you’ll see, the truth has limited currency when it doesn’t align with what people have already chosen to believe.

What is the mood of Act 3 in the crucible?

An intense mood dominates Act III. The establishment of the trial as the act’s backdrop helps to establish this mood. Francis Nurse, Giles Corey, and John Proctor enter into the courtroom trying to protect their loved ones who have been accused of witchcraft.