Who are the Chevening scholars?

Who are the Chevening scholars?

Who are the Chevening scholars?

Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarships programme. Established in 1983, these scholarships support study at UK universities – mostly one-year Masters’ degrees – for students with demonstrable potential to become future leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers.

How many Chevening scholars are there?

In September and October 2019, 1700 new Chevening Scholars arrived in the UK, most of the 160 Chevening-eligible countries and territories, with over 50 scholars each from Mexico, Brazil, China, Nigeria and Indonesia. Scholars adapted to their life in the UK quickly.

Can Chevening scholars stay in UK?

Can I apply for the Graduate route visa and stay in the UK at the end of my course? No, Chevening Scholars cannot apply for a Graduate route visa. When you accept a Chevening Award, you agree to return home for two years at the end of your scholarship.

Can Chevening scholars work?

As a Chevening Scholar, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) expects your priority to be your studies, but they do acknowledge that gaining some work experience in the UK can be beneficial for your career and overall experience.

How prestigious is Chevening Scholarship?

The UK Government’s scholarship programme offers the most prestigious scholarships in the world to international students. Chevening Scholarships are one of them. The award is granted to bright students and outstanding professionals for a one year master’s degree in the UK.

Why is it called Chevening?

In 1994, the name of the scheme was changed to Chevening, after Chevening House in Sevenoaks, Kent – currently the joint official residence of the British Foreign Secretary and the British Deputy Prime Minister. A companion Chevening Fellowships Scheme was launched by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2004.

Do I have to go back to my country after Chevening Scholarship?

a) You must return home for a period of at least two years following the completion of your award. The Secretariat is unable to provide any letter of support which might be required to enable an awardee to stay on to work or study in the UK.

How many essays are required for Chevening Scholarship?

4 essays
As a candidate, you will begin your application with the work experience, heading to the selection of the university along with the field of interest, and will write 4 essays that are a crucial part of the Chevening scholarship online application form but before that, you need to know what Chevening scholarship is …

Can I stay in UK after Commonwealth scholarship?

The CSC will consider a request to extend your leave to remain in the UK after your award only if you wish to move from Master’s to PhD study. Strict conditions will apply. The CSC cannot provide a letter of support or permission for you to remain in the UK after your award to enable you to work.