Which revision best reduces the wordiness in this sentence without changing its overall meaning?

Which revision best reduces the wordiness in this sentence without changing its overall meaning?

Which revision best reduces the wordiness in this sentence without changing its overall meaning?

Answer: The revision that best reduces the wordiness in the sentence without changing its overall meaning is A. “Genetic researchers recently isolated the gene that determines a person’s natural sleep cycle”. Explanation: Wordiness is the presence of too many words in a sentence, paragraph or text.

Which sentence should be revised to reduce wordiness?

The sentence that should be revised to reduce wordiness is D. The speech that the computer science expert gave regarding online data mining was filled with information and was also very entertaining. Explanation: Wordiness refers to taking more words than necessary to make a point.

What is another word for deserving?

What is another word for deserving?

worthy meritorious
commendable praiseworthy
estimable laudable
righteous admirable
good creditable

What is truth worthiness?

Trustworthy describes something you can believe in — it’s completely reliable. In an election, you’ll likely vote for the most trustworthy candidate because you believe she’ll keep her promises. If you’re trustworthy, that means you’re reliable: you do what you say you’re going to do.

Which sentence should be revised to include vivid imagery?

She opened the curtain and looked through the window before shutting it immediately. This sentence should be revised to include vivid imagery. Imagery is the creation of an image in the reader’s mind through words.

How do I stop being too wordy?

How to Avoid Wordiness

  1. Cut Adjectives and Adverbs. This is something Ernest Hemingway became famous for.
  2. Eliminate Redundant Words and Phrases.
  3. Don’t Use Unnecessary Prepositions.
  4. Avoid Passive Voice.
  5. Use Simple Past/Present Instead of Present/Past Perfect and Present/Past Continuous.
  6. Synthesis.
  7. Nick.

How can a writer edit a narrative to?

Answer: use specific, strong verbs in place of general ones use dialogue to develop the character use descriptive words that appeal to the reader’s senses use setting to place the story for the reader use active voice to show instead of tell the reader.

What is a jargon?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity or group sports jargon. 2 : obscure and often pretentious language marked by circumlocutions and long words an academic essay filled with jargon.

Which statement best describes the sequence of a narrative?

The narrative should be in chronological order.

What makes someone worthwhile?

For an individual to be worthwhile they will need to be able to show respect. There are different kinds of respect, respect for authority and position, respect for character and achievement, respect for human dignity, respect for property and respect for yourself.

How do you fix wordy sentences?

Together, these changes create a stronger, more concise sentence.

  1. Use the Key Noun.
  2. Use Active Voice rather than Passive Voice Verbs.
  3. Avoid Unnecessary Language.
  4. Use Nouns rather than Vague Pronouns as Subjects.
  5. Use Verbs rather than Nouns to Express Action.
  6. Avoid a String of Prepositional Phrases.

Which sentence is most clearly written Brainly?

The correct answer is B) While driving to work this morning, I passed a car accident at the corner of Elm and Juniper. The sentence that is most clearly written is “While driving to work this morning, I passed a car accident at the corner of Elm and Juniper.”

What means wordiness?

The use of more words than necessary to effectively convey meaning in speech or writing: verbosity. Adjective: wordy. Contrast with conciseness, directness, and clarity.

Who is a worthy person?

The definition of worthy is someone or something that has desirable qualities and is entitled to respect or attention. An example of someone who would be described as worthy of an award is a person who has all the qualities required to obtain the award. adjective.

What is another word for worthiness?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for worthiness, like: qualification, eligibility, suitability, ability, suitableness, unworthiness, creditworthiness, trustworthiness, truthfulness and fitness.

What is an example of wordiness?

Wordy sentences use too many useless words that clutter writing. Good writing is simple and direct; it uses the simplest word possible that conveys the same meaning. If you can remove a word while keeping the sentence’s meaning, the sentence is wordy.

What do you call someone who is wordy?

Frequently Asked Questions About wordy Some common synonyms of wordy are diffuse, prolix, and verbose. While all these words mean “using more words than necessary to express thought,” wordy may also imply loquaciousness or garrulity. a wordy speech.

What does worthiness mean?

Worthiness is a quality of being suitable or having some kind of value.

How do you start a narrative sentence?

Begin your essay with a hook to engage your reader.

  1. Start your essay with a rhetorical question.
  2. Give a quote that fits your essay.
  3. Provide an interesting fact that’s related to your story.
  4. Use a short anecdote that relates to the larger story.
  5. Start with a shocking statement.

What does unworthy mean?

not good enough

What does cliches mean in English?

1 : a trite phrase or expression also : the idea expressed by it. 2 : a hackneyed theme, characterization, or situation. 3 : something (such as a menu item) that has become overly familiar or commonplace.

What should be in the first paragraph of a narrative?

  • Your narrative paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. It names the topic and shares a specific thought or feeling about it.
  • Body sentences are the middle part of a paragraph. They tell what happened in your story in time order.
  • (Answers will vary.)
  • (Answers will vary.)

What is found in clear writing?

Clear writing relates to a straightforward form of writing were the purpose is to communicate in an easy, precise and efficient way. There should be a purpose in the writing supported by specific information. The use of sentences that flow with each other. Sentences that are connected.

What is wordiness in writing?

Wordiness is one of the most common ESL mistakes. It happens when a writer, either intentionally or unintentionally, uses far too many words or unnecessarily complex or abstract words. Wordiness can seriously detract from the coherency and quality of your writing and frustrate your readers.

What is a true paradox?

A paradox, also known as an antinomy, is a logically self-contradictory statement or a statement that runs contrary to one’s expectation. It is a statement that, despite apparently valid reasoning from true premises, leads to a seemingly self-contradictory or a logically unacceptable conclusion.

Which sentence is an example of an objective statement?

The sentence that is an example of an objective statement is C, that is, your answer is “the new mall is home to several restaurants and more than 100 stores”. This sentence is neutral in the sense that the choice of words does not reflect the personal opinion of the writer.

What is one benefit of paraphrasing Brainly?

You can use the exact words of the source in order to better explain your main idea.

What is the Einstein rock paradox?

The Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paradox (EPR paradox) is a thought experiment proposed by physicists Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen (EPR), with which they argued that the description of physical reality provided by quantum mechanics was incomplete.

What’s a diction?

Diction refers to the linguistic choices a writer makes to effectively convey an idea, a point of view, or tell a story. In literature, the words used by an author can help establish a distinct voice and style.

Which of these sentences is an example of paradox?

Answer: The sentence that is an example of a paradox is the following one: She tried to quiet the silence (D). Explanation: Paradox means “contrary to expectations or existing belief”.

How do you write an objective statement?

How to Write an Objective for a Resume

  1. Keep it short. Don’t add fluff!
  2. Be clear and detailed about the job you want. State the position you are applying for and describe your goals only as they pertain to the job and industry for which you’re applying.
  3. Explain what you can do for them.

How many time paradoxes are there?

The time travel paradoxes which follow fall into two broad categories: 1) Closed Causal Loops, such as the Predestination Paradox and the Bootstrap Paradox, which involve a self-existing time loop in which cause and effect run in a repeating circle, but is also internally consistent with the timeline’s history.

Which sentence most clearly describes diction?

The correct answer is: D) The author carefully avoids using words that are too high level. In few words, diction is a writer’s choice of words. In this way the author defines his/her style of speaking or writing.

What is the difference between oxymoron and paradox?

paradox/ oxymoron An oxymoron is a figure of speech — words that seem to cancel each other out, like “working vacation” or “instant classic.” Both are contradictions, but a paradox is something to think on, and an oxymoron is a description, enjoyed in the moment then gone.

What does a paradox mean?

1 : a tenet contrary to received opinion. 2a : a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true. b : a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true.

What is a concrete statement?

It means a specific statement, or one that sets out a fact or something that’s supposed to be a fact. Have you looked at the dictionary definition of “concrete”? concrete: being a real or actual thing; solid; substantial:[often: before a noun] concrete proof.

Which sentence is an example of a concrete statement?

Answer: The sentence that is an example of a concrete statement is B. “I have four years of experience using both the Falcon X and LionCoat software systems”. Explanation: A concrete sentence is a sentence that provides information that is clear and certain.

Which term most clearly describes medium?

“Movie” most clearly describes the word “medium” because it’s a means or a form through which people are communicated to.

What are some good paradoxes?

You should be.