Which oxyacid has the strongest oxidizing ability?

Which oxyacid has the strongest oxidizing ability?

Which oxyacid has the strongest oxidizing ability?

Solution : `HClO_(4)` is the strongest oxidising agent.

Why is bro4 a stronger oxidising agent than clo4?

Answer. It’s because it is easy for bromine to lose electron than chlorine . Making it a better oxidising agent than chlorine.

Which species is the best oxidising agent Cl2 Cl Br2 Br?

Chlorine has the ability to take electrons from both bromide ions and iodide ions. Bromine and iodine can’t get those electrons back from the chloride ions formed. That means that chlorine is a more powerful oxidising agent than either bromine or iodine.

Which order is correct for oxidizing power?

The correct descending order of oxidizing power is: MnO4−>Cr2O72−>VO2+

Which of the following is the most powerful oxidizing agent?

Solution : Fluorine is a most powerful oxidizing agent because it consits of `E^(o)=+2.5 vol t`.

Which of the following Oxoacids of chlorine is best oxidizing agent?


Which is the strongest oxidising agent among ClO4 BrO4 io3?

‘EA of Cl is the highest among the halogens, yet F is the strongest Oxidising agent’.

Which is the strongest oxidizing agent *?

The strongest oxidant in the table is F2, with a standard electrode potential of 2.87 V. This high value is consistent with the high electronegativity of fluorine and tells us that fluorine has a stronger tendency to accept electrons (it is a stronger oxidant) than any other element.

Is bromine an oxidizing agent?

Similarly, bromine is a more powerful oxidizing agent than iodine. Bromine can remove electrons from iodide ions, producing iodine; iodine cannot reclaim those electrons from the resulting bromide ions.

What is oxidation power?

Oxidizing power is the ability to gain electrons. In chemistry oxidation involves the loss of electrons.

Which of the following is arranged in order of increasing oxidation power?

So the order of increasing stability of the reduced species is mn2+>Cr3+>V3+ and , therefore, the increasing order of oxidising power is VO+2 .

How do you determine the best oxidizing agent?

The higher the electronegativity the greater the pull an oxidizing agent has for electrons. The higher the pull for electrons the stronger the oxidizing agent. So the element with the highest electronegativity is the strongest oxidizing agent.