Which of the following is the main limitation of ex post facto research?

Which of the following is the main limitation of ex post facto research?

Which of the following is the main limitation of ex post facto research?

The weaknesses as well as the limitations of the ex-post facto research are: As discussed earlier, in an ex-post facto research, the researcher can not manipulate the independent variables. The researcher can not randomly assign the subjects to different groups.

What is the aim of ex post facto research design?

Ex post facto design is a quasi-experimental study examining how an independent variable, present prior to the study in the participants, affects a dependent variable. A quasi-experimental study simply means participants are not randomly assigned.

What are the three types of experimental design?

What are The Types of Experimental Research Design? The types of experimental research design are determined by the way the researcher assigns subjects to different conditions and groups. They are of 3 types, namely; pre-experimental, quasi-experimental, and true experimental research.

What are the characteristics of ex post facto research?

CHARACTERISTICS OF EX POST FACTO RESEARCH o In ex post facto research the researcher takes the effect (or dependent variable) and examines the data retrospectively to establish causes, relationships or associations, and their meanings.

What is the major characteristic of a retrospective or ex post facto study?

What is the major characteristic of a retrospective, or ex post facto, study? The dependent variable has already been affected by the independent variable in a retrospective study.

What is the difference between experimental and ex post facto research design?

Divides the sample based on the participants’ previous experiences or conditions (ex post facto), then the researcher randomly assigns the participants into on of the two treatment groups (experimental).

How quasi-experimental is handled or manipulated?

In quasi- experimental research the researchers do not manipulate or control an independent variable, nor do they randomly assign participants to groups. He or she can be relatively sure that the variable that was manipulated is the causal factor and the dependent variable is the resultant factor.

What is a correlation design?

A correlational research design measures a relationship between two variables without the researcher controlling either of them. It aims to find out whether there is either: Positive correlation. Both variables change in the same direction. As height increases, weight also increases.

What is an example of ex post facto law?

A law that retroactively makes criminal an act that was not criminal at the time it was done. An example of an ex post facto law is a law passed in 1994 that applies to acts that occurred in 1989.

What is an ex post facto design?

An ex post facto research design is a method in which groups with qualities that already exist are compared on some dependent variable. This is an ex post facto design because a pre-existing characteristic (weight) was used to form the groups.