Which component of writer window displays the size of the document?

Which component of writer window displays the size of the document?

Which component of writer window displays the size of the document?

Title bar – It contains the documents full name, the name of the application, and controls for closing, minimizing, and expanding the window.

What type of software is an open office writer?

OpenOffice Writer

Apache OpenOffice Writer 3.4
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type Word processor
License LGPL version 3 (OpenOffice.org 2 Beta 2 and earlier are dual-licensed under the SISSL and LGPL) Apache License 2.0 (Apache OpenOffice 3.4 and later)
Website www.openoffice.org

What program will open a .doc file?

A DOC file is a Microsoft Word Document file. Open one with MS Word or for free through Google Docs or WPS Office.

Which feature in Open Office Writer helps him to share the document?

With the spreadsheet document open, choose Tools > Share Document to activate the collaboration features for this document. A dialog opens where you can choose to enable or disable sharing. To enable sharing, select the box at the top of the dialog, and then click OK.

What are the components of calc?

Parts of the OpenOffice Calc Window

  • Title Bar. At the top of the window is the “Title Bar”.
  • Control Buttons: In the right corner of title bar, (1) minimize, (2) maximize / restore and (3) close control buttons are available.
  • Menu Bar. Below the title bar is the menu bar.
  • Tools Bar.
  • Scroll bar.
  • Row, Column, Cell and Cell Pointer.
  • Worksheet tabs.
  • Status bar.

Why do we use Open Office Writer?

Apache OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages.

Which of the following is the name of a type of Toolbar in writer?

Writer has several types of toolbars: docked, floating, and tear-off. Docked toolbars can be moved to different locations or made to float, and floating toolbars can be docked. The top docked toolbar (default position) is called the Standard toolbar.

What are the components of writer window?

Parts of main Writer window are Tiltle bar,Menu bar,standard toolbar,formating toolbar,sidebar and status bar as shown in figure. The Title bar is located at the top of the Writer window. It shows the file name of the current document.

How do I convert DOCX file to Word?

How to convert a DOCX to a WORD file?

  1. Choose the DOCX file you want to convert.
  2. Change quality or size (optional)
  3. Click on “Start conversion” to convert your file from DOCX to WORD.
  4. Download your WORD file.

What is .doc format in Word?

DOC file extension refers to a word processing document format. This binary file format is proprietary of Microsoft and is native to Microsoft’s most popular word processing application, Microsoft Word. It’s a plain text document format which can also contain hyperlinks, images, alignments, etc.

How do I save as a DOCX?

The “Save As” dialog window will open. In the “Save as type” menu, select the “Word Document (. docx)” option. Click the “Save” button, and a copy of your file will be saved in DOCX format.

How many different documents can be open at a time in in Open Office Writer?

No more than three b.

How do I save a Word document in a different file format?

Save as a different format

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Save As.
  3. Choose a file location, such as OneDrive or This PC to store your file.
  4. In the File name box, enter a new name for the file.
  5. In the Save as type list, click the file format that you want to save the file in. For example, click Rich Text Format (.
  6. Click Save.

Can OpenOffice read Word files?

Openoffice can read anything that MS office can make. Openoffice can also save files in MS office’s . doc format.