Where is Route 214 in Diamond?

Where is Route 214 in Diamond?

Where is Route 214 in Diamond?

Location of Route 214 in Sinnoh. Route 214 (Japanese: 214ばんどうろ Route 214) is a route in eastern Sinnoh, connecting Veilstone City and Valor Lakefront. After the player has entered the Hall of Fame, a short path to the east opens up that leads to Sendoff Spring.

Where is Route 216 in Pokémon Diamond?

northern Sinnoh
Route 216 (Japanese: 216ばんどうろ Route 216) is a route in northern Sinnoh, connecting Mount Coronet and Route 217.

What Pokémon can you find on Route 207 Pokémon Diamond?

Route 207 Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokemon Method
Geodude Grass/Cave
Kricketune Grass
Machop Grass/Cave
Magikarp Water

Where is Route 213 in Pokémon Diamond?

Route 213 (Japanese: 213ばんどうろ Route 213) is a route in southeastern Sinnoh that connects Pastoria City and Valor Lakefront. The route is home to Sinnoh’s famous Hotel Grand Lake.

What Pokémon are on Route 214 in Brilliant Diamond?

Route 214 and Ruin Maniac Cave are next up in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Veilstone City in your adventure….Available Pokémon.

Pokémon Availability
Stunky Grass (Diamond)
Geodude Grass
Ponyta Grass
Kricketune Grass

How do you get to Route 224 on brilliant diamond?

Route 224 Map and Items From the Pokemon League, head down the waterfall and go back inside Victory Road. Go south and cross the bridge and use Rock Climb to descend the hill. Head to where the Elder is standing, go up the stairs and follow the path. If you have the National Dex, the NPC blocking the path will be gone.

How do you get to Route 217 in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

Continue north and you’ll run into Ninja Boy Antonio and his team of four Pokémon: a level 33 Zubat, a level 36 Croagunk, a level 33 Golbat, and a level 34 Zubat….Route 217 Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Walkthrough.

Route 217 Pokemon Trainers to Fight
Ace Trainer Olivia Roselia (LV. 37) / Seaking (LV. 37)

Can you get Larvitar in shining pearl?

ILCA / The Pokemon Company The beloved Gen II Rock-type can be caught in the Sinnoh remakes. Players wanting to catch Larvitar will need to first beat Pokemon Brilliant Diamond’s main story campaign. It cannot be caught in Shining Pearl so you’ll need to trade for it.

Where is the rare candy on Route 207 BDSP?

Route 207 – To get to Route 207, take the north exit in Oreburgh City. Take the bike path up the mountain and ascend until you reach the hiker beside the bridge. The Rare Candy is on the hiker’s left-most tile on the rock.

How do you get to shining pearl on Route 213?

East of her, there’s a place where you can use Rock Smash to get to a TM40 (Aerial Ace). Go back up and south from Beauty Cyndy….Route 213 Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Walkthrough.

Route 213 Pokemon Trainers to Fight
Tuber Jared Shellos (LV. 19) / Shellos (LV. 21) / Shellos (LV. 20
Tuber Chelsea Bibarel (LV. 23)