What year were the Chargers 14 2?

What year were the Chargers 14 2?

What year were the Chargers 14 2?


2006 San Diego Chargers season
Record 14–2
Division place 1st AFC West
Playoff finish Lost Divisional Playoffs (vs. Patriots) 21–24

Who was LaDainian Tomlinson’s back up?

Michael Turner
Michael Turner, considered perhaps the top running back available in free agency, agreed to a six-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. A four-year veteran who has been best known as LaDainian Tomlinson’s backup in San Diego, Turner is expected to play a more important role with the Falcons.

What year did Chargers go 1 15?

The 2000 Chargers were also the first team to finish 1–15 and have their only win of the season be at home….

2000 San Diego Chargers season
General manager Bobby Beathard
Home field Qualcomm Stadium
Record 1–15

What year did the Chargers have the best offense and defense?

Chargers seasons The 2010 Chargers are noted for having both the No. 1-ranked offense and defense, the first team to do so since the 1996 Green Bay Packers. However, a struggling special teams unit would help cause the Chargers to lose five of their first seven games, each of which was by a one-possession margin.

Who was the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers in 2006?

Player Sort First: Last: Team FPts/G
1. Peyton Manning IND 23.2
2. Drew Brees NO 20.5
3. Jon Kitna DET 20.1

Who beat the LA Chargers?

In a game they simply could not lose and still advance to the playoffs, the Chargers lost Sunday to the Las Vegas Raiders 35-32 in overtime. The defeat ended their season at 9-8 as they dropped three of their final four games to miss the playoffs for the third consecutive year.

When was the Chargers last winning season?

The most recent accomplishments range from 2004 to 2009, with the franchise reaching the playoffs five times in six years. Their only Super Bowl appearance was in 1994. The Chargers have experienced three notable periods of decline.

What years have the Chargers made the playoffs?

The Los Angeles Chargers last made the playoffs in 2018, when they lost the Divisional Round.

How did the Chargers miss the playoffs?

The Chargers failed to make the playoffs because of a dramatic overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.