What were ww1 soldiers ranks?

What were ww1 soldiers ranks?

What were ww1 soldiers ranks?

WWI British Ranks

Army Officers
Sergeant Major Sgt.Maj Master sergeant
Sergeant Sgt Sergeant
Corporal Cpl Corporal
Lance Corporal L.Cpl Lance Corporal

What was the highest rank in World War 1?


Rank group General/flag officers
British Army Field marshal Brigadier-general
Royal Navy
Admiral of the Fleet Commodore 1st class
Rank group General/flag officers

What was the United States military ranking in 1914?

Armies 1914

Countries in First World War Standing Armies & Reserves in August 1914 Mobilised Forces in 1914-18
France 4,017,000 8,410,000
Great Britain 975,000 8,905,000
Italy 1,251,000 5,615,000
United States 200,000 4,355,000

What are the soldier ranks in order?

Enlisted Ranks

  • Private. A trainee starting Basic Combat Training.
  • Private. Second most junior rank in the Army, and the first at which a Soldier wears rank insignia.
  • Private First Class. Start BCT with experience or prior military training.
  • Specialist.
  • Corporal.
  • Sergeant.
  • Staff Sergeant.
  • Sergeant First Class.

What does Pte stand for in ww1?


A/ Acting or Assistant (as in A/ Corporal for Acting Corporal)
Pte Private
PUO Pyrexia (fever) of Unknown Origin
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
RAE Royal Australian Engineers

What rank was sergeant major in ww1?

12. (a) Sergeant Major, Regimental.

Who had the largest navy in ww1?

Great Britain
In 1916, the largest navy in the world belonged to Great Britain (the U.S. devised plans for war with Britain as late as the 1930s), while Germany and France built powerful fleets.

How big was Germany’s military ww1?

700,000 men
The German Army in 1914 comprised 25 corps (700,000 men). Within a week of mobilization some 3.8 million men were under arms. There were eight army commands and a further ten were created during the war. A cavalry regiment and other support forces were attached to each 2 divisions.