What tomatoes are resistant to wilt?

What tomatoes are resistant to wilt?

What tomatoes are resistant to wilt?

Apollo Improved, an F1 on an indeterminate bush, is an early variety. It needs staking and has the mild flavoured low acid taste of the old Apollo but with improved disease resistance to bacterial Wilt and Root Knot Nematode. It also has firmer fruit and sets fruit at temperatures as low as 10oC.

How do you protect tomatoes from disease?

Health and Hygiene

  1. Minimize Irrigation. Tomato plants have surprisingly low water needs and overwatering can promote disease.
  2. Water at Ground Level.
  3. Water in the Morning.
  4. Mulch.
  5. Remove Infected Leaves Immediately.
  6. Prune Out Dense Foliage.
  7. Keep Adjacent Vegetation Down.
  8. Disinfect Tomato Tools.

What heirloom tomatoes are disease resistant?

Heirloom Tomato

  • Ace 55: Alternaria Stem Canker, Fusarium Wilt 1, Verticillium Wilt.
  • Aosta Valley: Early Blight, Late Blight.
  • Andrew Raharts Jumbo Red: Disease resistance not specified.
  • Arkansas Traveller: Disease resistance not specified.
  • Big Rainbow: Disease resistance not specified.
  • Bizhiki: Resistant to disorders.

Is there a blight resistant tomato?

With tomatoes around the country ruined by blight in recent years, the arrival of the completely blight resistant tomato will save veg growers everywhere from a fruitless season. ‘Crimson Crush’ is a standard indeterminate tomato developed to be grown outside in the veg garden, allotment or container.

What is the best disease resistant tomato?

n ‘Plum Perfect’ has resistance to a wide variety of tomato woes; late blight, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, bacterial speck, Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, and some tolerance to early blight. It also has intermediate resistance to root knot nematodes.

What is the best disease resistant tomato plant?

Disease-Resistant Tomato Varieties

  • Big Daddy.
  • Early Girl.
  • Porterhouse.
  • Rutgers.
  • Summer Girl.
  • Sungold.
  • SuperSauce.
  • Yellow Pear.

What are common tomato diseases?

Common Tomato Diseases and Physiological Disorders

  • Alternaria Stem Canker.
  • Anthracnose.
  • Black Mold.
  • Botrytis Gray Mold.
  • Early Blight.
  • Fusarium Wilt.
  • Fusarium Crown and Root Rot.
  • Powdery Mildew.

What are tomato plant diseases?

Identify: Unfortunately, once present, Southern bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum) is a tomato plant disease that spreads like wildfire. It’s soil-borne, but the bacteria that cause this tomato disease can travel by soil, water, plant debris, and even on clothes, tools, and skin.

Which tomato is the most disease resistant?

Best Disease Resistant Tomato Varieties

  • ‘Southern Star’ – Tomato Spot Wilted Virus.
  • ‘Red Currant’ – Early Blight.
  • ‘Better Boy’ – Anthracnose.
  • ‘Margold’ – Tomato Leaf Mold.
  • Cherry Tomato. Black Cherry.
  • Grape Tomato. Aria.
  • Plum Tomato. Bellstar.
  • Slicer Tomato. Arbason.

What are the best disease-resistant tomatoes?

Which tomatoes are most resistant to blight?

Tomato Varieties Resistant to Early Blight

  • Legend Tomato. OP (open-pollinated), determinate, 68 days, red, beefsteak (14-16 ounces), resistance: early blight, late blight.
  • Manalucie Tomato.
  • Manyel Tomato.
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato.
  • Mountain Fresh Plus Tomato.
  • Mountain Supreme.
  • Old Brooks Tomato.
  • Tommy Toe Tomato.