What reason does Rachel say Cates gave her to drop out of the church?

What reason does Rachel say Cates gave her to drop out of the church?

What reason does Rachel say Cates gave her to drop out of the church?

What does Rachel share about Cates’ reason for dropping out of church? She says that Cates stopped going to church after a local boy, Tommy Stebbins, drowned in the river while he went for a swim. Rev. Brown said he didn’t die in a state of grace, because he was never baptized.

What does Drummond say about the Bible?

Drummond says that the Bible is a good book but that it isn’t the sole source of human knowledge.

What does the phrase Inherit the Wind mean?

If you cause troubles in your own house, or family, then you will inherit the “wind,” meaning you will inherit nothing. The second part goes along, emphasizing the fact that troubling your own family is not the way to go about things.

What did Rev Brown say about Tommy Stebbins?

What did Reverend Brown say about Tommy Stebbins? Tommy Stebbins soul was damned, writhing in hellfire.

How does Rachel change in Inherit the Wind?

Through the drama “Inherit the Wind,” Rachel changed from a confused young woman who wanted Cates to apologize and say he was wrong to someone who understood that ideas were important and had left her father. At first, she wanted Cates to apologize. Later, when she was asked to testify, she realized the trial’s impact.

What does the quote he that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind?

Brady reminds Brown of a quote from the Bible, “He that troubleth his own house . . . shall inherit the wind.” Brady implies that Brown, by bringing condemnation on his own daughter, will leave himself with nothing but his own hot air.

What is holy to Drummond in Inherit the Wind?

When he is accused of being contemptuous of all that is holy, Drummond angrily responds that he believes that the “individual human mind” is holy and that “an idea is a greater monument than a cathedral.” Drummond’s monologue reveals his (as well as Lawrence and Lee’s) passion about the value of the human mind and the …

Who is Matthew Harrison Brady based on?

William Jennings Bryan

What warning does Bert give Rachel?

What warning does Bert give Rachael? Bert says that if Rachel testifies the thing he told her then Mr Brady will make it sound like answers and the jury will crucify him. “If St. George had slain a dragonfly, who would remember him.”

What is Cates sentence?

Sentences Mobile Phoebe Cates doesn’t think of herself as an actress. Now, she has legally changed her name to Georgina Cates. Perhaps Cates’ideal winner would be someone like Alice Brady. The ceremony itself will celebrate the waning century, Cates said. Cates told this year’s nominees at a recent luncheon.

What does Drummond say is really on trial?

Davenport objects to questioning the boy on morality but Drummond argues that the right to think is very much on trial. Despite the judge and Brady’s objections to that notion, Drummond says that Cates is on trial because he chose to speak what he thinks.

What kind of man does EK Hornbeck appear to be?

snobbish conceited

Where was Inherit the Wind filmed?

Kramer both produced and directed this timely film that modified and disguised the historical event of the “Monkey Trial” by changing the names of the prototypical characters and making them fictional figures, and placing the action in fictional Hillsboro, Tennessee.

Who dies in Inherit the Wind?

Bryan died in his sleep five days after the trial. Upon hearing of his death, Darrow commented that he “died of a busted belly.” In Inherit the Wind, Brady collapses and dies as he tries to give his closing argument, and Darrow’s famous words go to Hornbeck, who says that Brady “died of a busted belly.”