What lug pattern is a Dodge 2500?

What lug pattern is a Dodge 2500?

What lug pattern is a Dodge 2500?

The Dodge Ram 2500 has a lug pattern of 8.6 X5. 5. This is also written frequently aS8 X170 mm.

What size tires can I put on my Ram 2500?

So the biggest tire you can fit on the stock Ram 2500 wheels is a 35-inch tire x 12.5” width. This requires no rubbing or trimming. This is the easiest and hassle-free tire option without additional modifications. This will work the same on the Power Wagon, 2500, and 3500 Ram trucks.

What size are Ram 2500 wheels?

2017 RAM 2500
Rim Size Tire Sizes RAM 2500 Options
17-Inch 285-70-17 245-70-17 Power WagonTradesman
18-Inch 275-70-18 Big HornLaramieLaramie LonghornSLTTradesman
20-Inch 285-60-20 Big HornLaramieLaramie LonghornLimitedSLT

Can I fit 35 tires on my Ram 2500?

The biggest tire A Dodge Ram 2500 can take without any additional modifications is a 35-inch tire x 12.5” width. It can accommodate a 37×12.5” tire on the factory stock wheels if you are prepared to do some trimming on the inside of the wheel fender liner.

Will F250 wheels fit a Ram 2500?

Registered. no, super doody bolt pattern is metric and unique.

What size rims are on a 2019 Ram 2500?

17-20″ diameter, 7.5-8″ width2019 RAM 2500 / Wheel size

What offset are stock Ram 2500 wheels?

The stock wheel offset for 2003-2012, and 2013 2500 trucks is right at +44mm.

Which Ram 2500 model features 33 inch tires?

Power Wagon
The Power Wagon features 33-inch Goodyear all-terrain tires, a 12,000-pound WARN winch complete with a 90-foot cable, electronic locking differentials in the front and rear, and even an electronic disconnecting front sway bar.

Will dodge 8 lug wheels fit Dodge?

IIRC: Ford wheels will fit Dodge and Chevy because they have the largest hub bore, but Dodge and Chevy don’t always fit Ford (smaller hub bore). I would measure them if I were you. I have a chance to buy some nice 16 inch 8 lug rims and tires for my 77 F250.

What size rims are on a 2018 Ram 2500?

17-18″ diameter, 7.5-8″ width2018 RAM 2500 / Wheel size

What is the factory offset on 2019 Ram 2500?

2019 Ram 2500 Method Nv 18×9 +18 | Milestar Patagonia Mt 35″x12. 5″ | OEM Stock

Wheel Info
Method Nv – Black
Front: 18×9 Offset: 18 Backspacing: 5.7 Rear: 18×9 Offset: 18 Backspacing: 5.7
Tire Info
Milestar Patagonia Mt