What is the slang word for mom?

What is the slang word for mom?

What is the slang word for mom?

Maw/Ma. Meaning: (Noun): Abbreviation of the slang word “mama.” More common in the Southern US. Example: “I got my ma some roses for Mother’s Day.”

What does FTM mean mother?

first-time mom
Well, FTM is an acronym for “first-time mom” in parenting, but it can also mean “female to male” when talking about transitioning genders.

What does DS stand for in mom groups?

DS: Dear son, and sometimes darling son. Your kid of the male persuasion. DSD: Dear step-daughter. DSS: Dear step-son. DW: Dear wife.

What does seasoned mother mean?

A seasoned mom knows the comfortable boundaries for her children and how much she can trust them on the playground equipment. Through years of trial-and-error or just acquired common sense, she has learned when to stand close by and when to stand back.

Is mum a slang term?

When used to mean “madam,” mum is a variation of ma’am, which is a shortening of madam. Mum can also be used as a verb meaning to “act as a mummer,” a kind of costumed performer.

What Daddy means in slang?

an informal word for father. the daddy slang, mainly US, Canadian and Australian the supreme or finest examplethe daddy of them all. slang the dominant male in a group; boss; top man.

What does DD child mean?

Dear Daughter
DD ( Parenting Acronym) The DD Acronym is a parenting term of endearment used to reference a child. Within blogs, forums, and groups, “DD” commonly stands for “Dear Daughter”. It’s important to note that this short abbreviatory phrase is used as a terms of affection, rather than a salutation in a letter or email.

What does Lo mean with babies?

Little One
LO. Definition: Little One (baby / child)

How do you say dad in slang?

synonyms for dad

  1. old man.
  2. papa.
  3. parent.
  4. daddy.
  5. pa.
  6. pop.
  7. pappy.