What is the setting of the destructors?

What is the setting of the destructors?

What is the setting of the destructors?

The setting is in England after the end of World War II when everything is still bombed out and demolished. A parking lot in a town surrounded by bomb-destroyed neighborhood is where the boys meet. The one house left standing is where the action takes places.

What is the message of the destructors?

The main theme of Graham Greene’s short story, “The Destructors,” is conflict between the old and young. Other themes in the book are loss of innocence, destruction and creation, the struggle between economic classes and the meaninglessness of life.

What is the main conflict in the destructors?

A main conflict in the story is between the old, ordered, pre-World War II way of life and the literal leveling and destruction the Wormsley Common Gang see all around them in the aftermath of the war.

Why does t want to destroy the house in the destructors?

Graham Greene himself once said, “Destruction, after all, is a form of creation.” Trevor represents class struggle; he also exhibits the nihilism that resulted from the great wars, especially World War II. They destroyed Old Misery’s house because it was there, and because mob mentality took over.

Who wrote the destructors?

Graham Greene

What type of character is Mike in the destructors?

Mike Character Analysis. Mike is one of the youngest members of the group. Mike’s frequent moments of surprise show the difficulty of mastering the group’s code and moving from childhood into adolescence. Mike is eager to contribute and wants to be taken seriously.

What is the rising action of the destructors?

The rising action includes the gathering of the boys and the actual destruction of the infrastructure of the house, the climax occurs when the boys must make a quick decision of whether to abandon the house or not, and the falling action is the complete destruction of Old Misery’s house.

What is the tone of the destructors?

For the duration of “The Destructors”, the narrator creates a dark and pessimistic mood. The atmosphere becomes very gloomy and matches the issue of the aftereffects of the war presented in this story. The narrator has a apathetic and cynical tone in “The Destructors”.

Which of the following is an example of internal conflict in the destructors?

Blackie feels betrayed by his gang mates when his plan to sneak free bus rides is rejected’, is an example of internal conflict. Explanation: The Destructors is a short story told by Graham Greene, where there are group of teenagers who decides to destroy the only house which was standing in their area.

What does the house symbolize in the destructors?

This is the kind of environment in which the boys live. Old Misery’s stately home stands as a symbol of a bygone age, an age of elegance and nobility. The home is a representation of a vanishing heritage, one unceremoniously swept away by the Second World War.

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Who is the protagonist in the destructors?

The protagonist in ‘The Destructors’ is Trevor, a 15-year-old boy. Trevor puts together a plan to destroy a very old house and suddenly becomes the…

What point of view is the destructors?

The point of view of “The Destructors” is third person omniscient. In a third person omniscient story, the narrator is an uninvolved third party who can share the thoughts of several different characters. This keeps the reader at a distance, and prevents any character from dominating the story.

What is the importance in the ending of the destructors?

I think that part of the significance of the ending is that it helps to bring out the reality of the world following the wanton destruction that was the child of World War II. The effect of the bombing on London is evident. There is nothing but destruction that surrounds the people of London.

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How is suspense created the destructors?

Suspense is created through the fear of the boys that they will not be able to destroy the entire house. This larger concern is involved. Also, suspense greatly increases when Mr. Thomas arrives early to the house and they have to devise a plan to contain him.