What is the problem in a long walk to water?

What is the problem in a long walk to water?

What is the problem in a long walk to water?

In “A Long Walk to Water” Nya and Salva are kinda living the same life but different timelines and different problems. What Nya’s problem is she has to walk through all the heat, thorns, and her time she would leave at noon and get back for half of her morning. On the other hand Salva was at school and then BOOOM!

What part of the great is true?

Count Orlo is one of the few characters on The Great who is explicitly based on a real-life figure. The real Catherine heavily relied on Count Grigory Orlov, just as the fictionalized Catherine trusts Orlo among her closest confidants and friends as she plans her coup. That’s where the similarities end, though.

How long does it take Nya to walk to the pond everyday?

two hours

What Is A Long Walk to Water genre?


How are Marial and Salva similar?

How are Salva and Marial similar? They are both Dinka, they are the same age, they are the same height, and they are both separated from their families. Salva is concerned that if he goes to Ethiopia, his family will never find him.

Was Marial a real person?

No, Catherine’s servant Marial was not a real person. However, Catherine would have needed someone as her confidant during the tough time of planning and executing the coup. In the show, Marial is a serf who lost her nobility status after her father made the joke of having sex with the corpse of Emperor Peter’s mother.

Where in America does Salva go?

Salva leads one thousand five hundred fellow lost boys to a refugee camp near the Gilo River. On his way, many people die including his uncle and some of his friends. Seven years later, he arrives in America. He lives with a family in Rochester, New York.

What do you infer happened to Marial What is the evidence?

We can infer that Marial was killed by a lion. They mentioned the lions for a reason, the lion must have escaped because of hunger so they killed Marial.