What is the price of artificial leg?

What is the price of artificial leg?

What is the price of artificial leg?

Questions & Answers on Prostheses

Body Part Min Price Max Price
Arm Rs 89999/Piece Rs 250000/Piece
Cosmetic Rs 4500/Piece Rs 45999/Piece
Leg Rs 15000/Piece Rs 182400/Piece

How much is a prosthetic leg below knee?

between $6500 and $75,000.00
How much does it cost to get a prosthetic leg? Depending on if it is a below the knee prosthetic or above the knee prosthetic the cost can be anywhere between $6500 and $75,000.00. The componentry a patient is eligible for is based on the patients K-Level and their insurance plan.

Can you walk normally with a prosthetic leg?

Prosthetic legs, or prostheses, can help people with leg amputations get around more easily. They mimic the function and, sometimes, even the appearance of a real leg. Some people still need a cane, walker or crutches to walk with a prosthetic leg, while others can walk freely.

How much is a titanium leg?

When a computerized, battery-powered titanium leg can cost $75,000, only about 15 percent of amputees in the country, mainly those with amputations covered by VA or workers’ compensation policies, have a chance of having the cost covered.

What is artificial leg called?

If you are missing an arm or leg, an artificial limb can sometimes replace it. The device, which is called a prosthesis, can help you to perform daily activities such as walking, eating, or dressing. Some artificial limbs let you function nearly as well as before.

Can you sleep in a prosthetic leg?

Overdoing it and not following the schedule and instructions from your prosthetist can result in pain and possible injury. Once you have completed the wearing schedule, you can wear the prosthesis all day, but never at night while sleeping. Will I need a wheelchair or crutches?

Do prosthetic legs hurt?

Even when fitted properly, it takes some time to get used to the sensation of taking weight through your residual limb. While some initial discomfort can be anticipated as you get used to a prosthesis, pain is not an anticipated part of the process.

Why are prosthetic legs so expensive?

Prosthetics are expensive because they’re subject to wear and tear and need replacing. Adults have to keep replacing their prosthetics throughout their lifetime which means they have to keep paying a high price for them.

What is it like having a prosthetic leg?

A prosthetic is often fitted many weeks after an initial amputation and although 6 weeks (at least) doesn’t feel like a long time, your body gets very used to the lack of weight/foot on the end of your leg. This means that when you first receive your leg, it can feel extremely heavy and bulky, without even walking.