What is the name of the cartoon Basset Hound?

What is the name of the cartoon Basset Hound?

What is the name of the cartoon Basset Hound?

Fred Basset is a comic strip about a male basset hound. The cartoon was created by Scottish cartoonist Alex Graham and published first in the Daily Mail on 8 July 1963.

What type of cartoon animal is Fred Basset?

For half a century the antics of Fred Basset, “the hound that’s almost human”, created by Alex Graham at his Sussex home, have been charming newspaper readers. Image caption, Mr Graham, already an accomplished cartoonist, was commissioned by the Daily Mail to create a “dog-friendly, family-oriented” cartoon in 1963.

What breed of dog is droopy the cartoon flash from the Dukes of Hazzard Fred from Smokey and the Bandit and the logo of Hush Puppies?

Many cartoon dogs are based on the Basset, such as Droopy, with several Bassets appearing in animated Disney films. Syndicated comic strip Fred Basset has been a regular feature in newspapers since 1963. There is a Basset Hound in the Smokey and the Bandit movie series.

Where does Fred Basset live?

Living in Ticehurst, East Sussex, in a neat brick house not unlike the suburban home belonging to Fred’s human owners, he chose to make his star a Basset Hound because they were, as he put it, ‘a unique type of dog’ with ‘rather expressive faces’.

Why are the words my chair repeated?

The words “MY CHAIR” are repeated to show how angry theman is with Fred. 3ORThe man wants Fred to feel really sorry for what he hasdone. 3ORThe man wants to emphasise to Fred that the chair belongsto him ― not to Fred.

What kind of dog is in Dukes of Hazzard?

basset hound
Starting with the third season (1980–1981), Rosco got a pet dog—a lazy basset hound he calls “Flash” and nicknames “Velvet Ears” which he dotes on. Flash liked the Dukes but always barked at Boss Hogg.

What dogs were bred to make a basset hound?

The most commonly referenced basset hound ancestor is the St. Hubert’s hound, an early descendent of the bloodhound developed by St Hubert of Belgium.

How long do basset hounds sleep?

How much sleep should a basset hound have? A basset hound puppy will sleep 16 to 22 hours a day while a basset hound over a year old will sleep 13 to 18 hours a day. Basset hounds sleep a lot because they do not have a very active lifestyle. They will nap a lot of times throughout the day.

Is cartoon dog real or fake?

Cartoon Dog is a creature created by Trevor Henderson and, along with Cartoon Cat, the only known member of the Cartoon species.