What is the movement of Katipunan?

What is the movement of Katipunan?

What is the movement of Katipunan?

In 1892 Filipinos interested in the overthrow of Spanish rule founded an organization following Masonic rites and principles to organize armed resistance and terrorist assassinations within a context of total secrecy. It operated as an alternative Filipino government complete with a president and cabinet.

What is the main objective of Katipunan?

Katipunan – The secret revolutionary movement founded by Andres Bonifacio on July 7,1892 in Tondo,Manila. It means KATAASTAASAN KAGALANG-GALANG NA KATIPUNAN NANG MGA ANAK NG BAYAN. It laid down three fundamental objectives: Political,Moral and Civic.

What is the result of Katipunan movement?

The revolution against Spain was sparked in 1896 after Spanish authorities discovered the “Katipunan,” a Filipino revolutionary society plotting against their colonisers. It ended in 1902, where Spain lost and ceded sovereignty of the Philippines to the United States.

What led to the discovery of the Katipunan?

The Katipunan was discovered when Teodoro Patiño, who was a member of the society, told his sister about it. His sister was upset about this news and confessed to the Mother Superior of the orphanage where she lived. One thing led to another and it reached the Parish Priest of Tondo.

What are the two factions of Katipunan?

On March 22, 1897 the Tejeros Convention was held in order to reconcile the differences between the two factions of the Katipunan: the Magdalo, which viewed Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy as its leader, and the Magdiwang, which gravitated towards Andres Bonifacio.

What are the teachings of Katipunan?

The teachings of the katipunan(kartilya)

  • Spanish word: “cartilla” Emilio Jacinto.
  • III–›True greatness consists in being charitable, in loving one’s fellow-men and in adjusting every movement, deed and word to true reason (Honesty)
  • IV–›All men are equal, be the color of their skin black or white.

What was the reason for the conflict between Magdiwang and magdalo?

MAGDIWANG VS. Bad blood erupted between the two Katipunan Councils in Cavite—the Magdalo and Magdiwang due to lack of respect and territorial competition prompting Mariano Alvarez to invite Bonifacio to Cavite and intercede.

What happened in the discovery of Katipunan?

Founded by Filipino patriots Andrés Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, Ladislao Diwa and others, the Katipunan was a secret organization until it was discovered in 1896. This discovery led to the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution.

What is Magdalo and Magdiwang faction?

Both the Magdiwang and the Magdalo (led by Baldomero Aguinaldo, the cousin of Emilio Aguinaldo) were the two major Katipunan factions in Cavite, with the Magdiwang having control over a larger number of towns and municipalities.

Who led Magdalo?

It was officially led by Baldomero Aguinaldo, but his cousin Emilio Aguinaldo (whose own Katipunan codename was “Magdalo”) was its most famous leader.