What is the main idea of The Story of an Hour Brainly?

What is the main idea of The Story of an Hour Brainly?

What is the main idea of The Story of an Hour Brainly?

Answer. Answer: The main themes of “The story of an Hour” are — female self discovery and identity and also the repressive nature of marriage. This fear shows her lack of confidence that whether could she be able to hold the freedom for which she was longed.

What is the main idea of The Story of an Hour quizlet?

What is the central idea of “The Story of An Hour”? The main idea is about a malcontent woman that dies of a heart attack when she learns that her husband survived a railroad crash.

What is the plot of the story The Story of an Hour?

“The Story of an Hour” follows Louise Mallard, the protagonist, as she deals with the news that her husband, Brently Mallard, has died. Louise is informed of her husband’s tragic death in a railroad accident by her sister, Josephine.

What is the conflict of The Story of an Hour?

The major conflict seen in this story is person versus society. Societal rules and expectations imposed upon men and women creates an animosity between them. A woman is expected only to take care of the private sphere but not make an appearance in the public sphere whereas the man is not imposed with such rules.

What is one of the main ideas of the story?

A story’s main idea is sometimes called its “theme.” In this activity, you will be using the lesson’s advice on finding a story’s main idea to identify the main ideas in two of your favorite stories.

What actually happened to Mr Mallard?

Louise Mallard: She is the wife of Brently Mallard. She also suffers from a heart disease which is mentioned in the beginning of the story. She grieves her husband’s death after finding out from her sister Josephine that he tragically died in a railroad accident.

What is the main message?

The main message, which should be one or two sentences, forms the main idea that you wish to convey in your report. It also creates a reference point for organizing your entire report.