What is the food like on the Camino de Santiago?

What is the food like on the Camino de Santiago?

What is the food like on the Camino de Santiago?

Bocadillos are traditional Spanish sandwiches, typically made with a baguette and local meats and cheeses. I even tried some with eggs, which were a tasty addition. Lunch on the Camino Frances will provide you with all the energy you need to keep moving. A bocadillo and a cup of coffee always help keep you going.

What foods are eaten on Dia de Santiago?

What to Eat on the Camino de Santiago

  • Gâteau Basque.
  • Pintxo with Jamón Ibérico.
  • Eggs a la Flamenca.
  • Camino Northern Route, Navarre, Spain.
  • Rioja wine and Idiazabal cheese.
  • Patatas bravas.
  • Catedral in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

How do you prepare for the Camino de Santiago?

If you’re not already fit and active, it’s a good idea to start your training several months ahead if possible. This way, you can gradually increase your fitness levels and the distances you can cover. Set yourself a target of walking an average of 2 hours per day for at least 2 months prior to your Camino.

How do I train for the Camino?


  1. 3 Months before the Camino. Walk at least 30 minutes without a break twice per week.
  2. 2 Months before the Camino. Increase your walking time to 1-2 hours twice per week in your Camino footwear.
  3. 1 Month before the Camino.
  4. 3 weeks before the Camino.
  5. 2 Weeks before the Camino.
  6. 1 Week before your trip.

What do people do at the Camino de Santiago?

The Camino was historically a religious pilgrimage to the tomb of St. James and today many people (about 25%) still walk for a religious or spiritual reason.

How do you get in shape for the Camino?

Even if you trained before starting the pilgrimage and are used to walking, try to walk more or less 20 km/12,4 mi per day during the first week on the Camino. If you feel tired or start getting blisters, rather stop early or even take a day off. Don’t push yourself hard from the start, just take it easy.

Do you need a sleeping bag for the Camino?

What is this? The Camino de Santiago is not your normal hike in the wild where you have to carry camping gear and food which is a good thing as it’s possible to pack light. Every night pilgrims stay at albergues, no tent and camping mat is needed, all you need or we’d recommend bringing with is a sleeping bag.

Which Camino de Santiago is the most beautiful?

The cooler camino… The Northern Way is arguably the most scenic, running along the Bay of Biscay coast from foodie San Sebastián, via Bilbao and Santander and an array of beautiful beaches, to Oviedo; from here you can join the Camino Primitivo to reach Santiago.