What is the best residence at McMaster?

What is the best residence at McMaster?

What is the best residence at McMaster?

Best place to live: On campus, the Les Prince and Mary Keyes residences are the most sought-after. Near campus, there are many beautiful student houses on Sterling, Forsyth, and other streets cutting through Westdale.

Is McMaster residence guaranteed?

First-year students coming directly from high school with an admission average of 90% or higher will be notified that they have guaranteed residence when receiving their offer of admission from McMaster. To confirm this offer, they must complete their residence application and pay their deposit before the deadline.

How do you become a McMaster RA?


  1. Previous orientation, mentorship, or equivalent experience at McMaster considered an asset.
  2. Previous Community Advisor experience (minimum 4 months) or other Housing & Conference Services experience is considered an asset.

What is a community advisor?

Community advisors (CAs) are student staff members who serve as a role model and mentor to residents in their community on campus. They work to encourage individual growth while promoting a safe, secure and welcoming community where students can have a positive living and learning experience.

Does Bates residence have AC?

If you live in Bates: Your living room is heated by a fan-coil unit which you can control by using the thermostat that is usually located on the wall near the closest closet to your apartment’s entrance. The higher the temperature setting on your thermostat, the more heat that goes into your fan-coil unit.

Are McMaster dorms coed?

Mary E. Keyes Residence is a co-ed residence that houses up to 280 students across seven floors. Rooms are suite-style, with four people living in each suite. Suites include Kitchenettes with a fridge, cooktop and microwave, and built-in island with stools, living rooms with a love seat, and a coffee table.

Can you choose your roommate at McMaster?

We know that if you and a friend are both coming to McMaster you may want to share a room. We guarantee that you will be rooming with one roommate of your choosing if both you and your desired roommate: have guaranteed residence offers. meet the residence application and deposit deadline.

How much is McMaster residence deposit?

a $600 deposit
Application Deadline and Deposit a) All students applying to residence must submit an online residence application using the McMaster University Residence Portal (https://residence.mcmaster.ca/) and will be required to make a $600 deposit in order to secure their offer of a guaranteed residence space.

What is the McMaster student work program?

The McMaster Work Program (you may hear it called “work/study”) gives students who demonstrate financial need opportunities to work on campus part-time (max 10 hours/week) during the fall/winter terms and full-time ( max 35 hours/week) over the summer.

What is a CA in a dorm?

Some use the term “resident adviser'” while others say “resident assistant.” Other campuses may use the abbreviation “CA,” meaning “community adviser” or “community assistant.”

Does Mckay Hall have AC?

All student rooms are air-conditioned. Cable television is included in room rates. Each room is furnished with a bed (36-by-80 inches), desk, chair, closet/wardrobe and dresser. Students living on campus have free internet access through Wi-Fi and ethernet connections in their rooms.

How much is it to live on campus at McMaster?

The cost of a single room for 2019/20 at McMaster University is $7,925 for eight months of classes. The purchase of a meal plan is required if you live in residence. The university’s meal plan costs start at $3,955 for the smallest sized meal plan and range up to $4,555.