What is special about Kombai dogs?

What is special about Kombai dogs?

What is special about Kombai dogs?

The Kombai is described as highly intelligent and extremely loyal to, and affectionate with, people they are familiar with, being particularly sweet-natured and tolerant of children with whom they allow particularly rough play, but when aroused by strangers or unfamiliar dogs they can be ferocious, making them …

How can I identify my Indian dog breed?

Physical Features-

  1. Tall & strong built– If you look at any Indian dog breed such as the Rajapalayam, or the Bully Kutta, you’ll notice that all these dogs are very tall, they’re slender and have a very strong bone structure.
  2. Slender & Lanky– Indian dogs are rarely, if ever, bulky or obese.

Is Bhotia good for dogs?

Generally a strong & sturdy dog having an average life span of 10 years but like any other large breeds may suffer from problems like patellar luxation, joint, hip dysplasia, obesity & arthritis.

Is Kombai playful?

Kombai can be playful and make great companions for strong people who love a good workout with their pet to bond.

What is the price of Kombai dog?

The Kombai dog price ranges from INR 5,000 to 9,000. The male Kombai dog price in Tamil Nadu is INR 6,000 to INR 10,000, and the Female is INR 5,000. Several factors influence the price of the Kombai dogs in South India.

Which dog breed is rare in India?

Mahratta Greyhounds are one of the rarest Indian dog breeds, even in their native country. In fact, it’s rare to see these dogs outside their native province of Maharashtra (western India), where most of them reside today. They’re often compared to the smooth-coated Saluki dog.

Which Indian dog is best?

List of best Indian dog breeds:

  • Bakharwal Dog.
  • Bully Kutta.
  • Chippiparai.
  • Kombai.
  • Gaddi Kutta.
  • Gull Dong.
  • Gull Terrier.
  • Indian Spitz.

Is Bhotia dog and Gaddi Kutta same?

The Himalayan sheepdog, known locally by various names including the Bhotia, Bangara or Gaddi kutta, and sometimes called the Himalayan mastiff, is a breed of livestock guardian dog from the Himalayas, covering India & Nepal.

What is the price of Bhotia dog in India?

These dogs came for Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000 each and on a good day, can sell for Rs 20,000 each,” said Shobhram, ruing the fact that the number of tourists coming to the Uttarayani Mela had been dipping for many years.