What is meant by well point system?

What is meant by well point system?

What is meant by well point system?

Wellpoint systems are used to lower groundwater levels to provide stable working conditions. They consist of a series of small diameter wells that are connected by a header pipe to a wellpoint pump. The pump creates a vacuum in the header pipe drawing water up from the ground.

What are the method of dewatering?

There are four main dewatering methods used in construction:

  • Wellpoint.
  • Eductor Wells.
  • Sump Pumping.
  • Deep Wellpoint.

What are the different types of well point system?

The following are two main types of well point systems.

  • Single Level Well Point.
  • Multi-Leve Well Point.

Why are well points used?

A Well Point is a piece of pipe that has openings large enough to allow water to enter but also small enough to keep the water-bearing formation in place.

What is length of well point system?

The perforated wellpoint is typically about 0.7- 1.0 meter in length and of 40-50 mm nominal diameter. Each is secured to the bottom end of an unperforated pipe (the riser pipe) of slightly smaller diameter; 38 mm diameter pipe is commonly used.

What do you mean by timbering?

i. The operation of setting timber supports in mine workings or shafts to support the roof or the face of a tunnel during excavation and lining. The term ‘support’ would cover the setting of timber, steel, concrete, or masonry supports.

What is well point dewatering system?

Wellpoint dewatering is a process where groundwater levels are lowered enough to create a stable working environment. MWI wellpoint dewatering systems are specifically suited for removing water from unsettled or unstable ground, including weak foundations and trenches.

Why is dewatering necessary?

There are various reasons that enforce dewatering of foundation excavation such as to keep excavation bottom dry, prevent ground water or soil leakage, prevent sand boiling, to prevent upheaval failure, prevent basement floatation.

How do you dewater soil?

Normally the dewatering process is done by pumping or evaporation. It is usually done before excavation for footings and will help to lower the water table that might cause problems during excavations. Dewatering can also refer to the process of removing water from the soil by wet classification.

How does well point dewatering work?

Do well points have check valves?

Usually a driven point well does not incorporate a foot valve. Rather, since such wells are by definition always shallow, there will be a check valve at or on the pump.

What kind of pipe is used for a well?

Poly pipe is fast becoming the most common and efficient way to install a submersible well pump. With most well depths up to 350′ the 160psi HDPE Black Poly Pipe shown below in green is the top choice for well pumps and solar well pumps. It’s also the rating of the pipe included in RPS “Turnkey” kits.