What is IR flame detector?

What is IR flame detector?

What is IR flame detector?

Infrared Detection Infrared (IR) flame detectors work within the infrared spectral band. Hot gases emit a specific spectral pattern in the infrared region, which can be sensed with a thermal imaging camera (TIC) a type of thermo graphic camera. False alarms can be caused by other hot surfaces in the area.

How do UV flame detectors work?

Ultra-Violet (UV) This type of flame detector works by detecting the UV radiation at the point of ignition. Almost entirely all fires emit UV radiations, so in case of the flame, the sensor would become aware of it and produce a series of the pulses that are converted by detector electronics into an alarm output.

How does the gas sensor work?

A gas sensor is a device that senses the atmosphere’s presence or concentration of gases. The sensor creates a corresponding potential difference depending on the concentration of the gas by adjusting the resistance of the material within the sensor, which can be determined as the output voltage.

What is Triple IR flame detector?

The Spectrex 40/40I Triple IR (IR3) is a flame detector with a triple spectrum design, manufactured by Spectrex, that is able to detect fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms.

What is fire smoke detector?

smoke detector, device used to warn occupants of a building of the presence of a fire before it reaches a rapidly spreading stage and inhibits escape or attempts to extinguish it.

What is a disadvantage of a combination UV IR fire detector?

The downside is that these detectors detect even sunlight, radiation, arc welding and lightning, and short wave UV cannot penetrate dust, smoke, fuel particles and oil films.

What is ultraviolet sensor?

UV sensors measure the power or intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This form of electromagnetic radiation has shorter wavelengths than visible radiation, but is still longer than x-rays. UV sensors are used for determining exposure to ultraviolet radiation in laboratory or environmental settings.

What is point type gas detector?

Point gas detectors have a single detector location requiring the gas cloud to interact with the sensor. Point detector types include catalytic, electrochemical, solid state, and infrared (IR). Catalytic and IR detectors are most widely used in the industry and are discussed in detail in the paper.

Why do we need a gas sensor?

Gas sensor, as one of the most important devices to detect noxious gases, provides a vital way to monitor the concentration and environmental information of gas in order to guarantee the safety of production. Therefore, researches on high sensitivity, high selectivity, and high stability have become hot issues.

Where are gas sensors used?

They are commonly used to detect toxic or explosive gasses and measure gas concentration. Gas sensors are employed in factories and manufacturing facilities to identify gas leaks, and to detect smoke and carbon monoxide in homes.