What is harder biology or chemistry?

What is harder biology or chemistry?

What is harder biology or chemistry?

Chemistry is usually more difficult, especially the labs, because they require a better understanding of mathematics, especially error analysis. Biology is mostly memorization and the understanding of concepts, you will do basic statistics in your BA biology courses.

How do I start an EE topic?

3. How to find a topic and start writing your EE!

  1. Choose a subject.
  2. Choose a topic area in the subject you are interested in.
  3. Research the area.
  4. You do not have to have a perfect title right away.
  5. Once you’ve got your topic, think about a general theme or thesis you want to analyse or prove.
  6. Then write.

What type of chemist makes the most money?

Top Jobs for Chemistry Majors

  • Chemistry Teacher. Average Base Pay: $53,000.
  • Chemical Engineer. Average Base Pay: $77,600.
  • Doctor. Average Base Pay: $200,000.
  • Forensic Scientist. Average Base Pay: $56,000.
  • Pharmacologist. Average Base Pay: $127,000.
  • Materials Scientist.
  • Research Scientist.
  • Laboratory Technician.

Is chemistry a good major?

With a degree in chemistry, students can contribute to a range of work, from developing antibiotics to working on criminal investigations. Majoring in chemistry can lead to careers in medicine, research, the chemical industry and more.

How do you write a chemistry research question?

Choosing your research question

  1. Think about the ‘big idea’ behind your potential project and identify the chemical reaction at its centre.
  2. Think about which factors will affect the reaction, focusing on only those that are relevant and that can be measured and controlled.

Is chemistry major harder than biology?

From what I understand, chemistry is much harder than biology as a major. You’ll have to take advanced courses such as physical chemistry, and at my school a more rigorous version of organic chemistry.

How dangerous is chemistry?

Chemicals can ignite. Chemicals can explode. They can corrode pipes, poison fish and damage trees and other plants. Chemicals can also harm the health of human beings.

What comes first biology or chemistry?

A1: Whatever introductory biology class you decide to take, you should take chemistry now, including lab, in your first year. You can take introductory biology at the same time, although most students wait until their second year.

What makes a good EE research question?

Focused – Will the research question be specific enough to allow for exploration within the scope of the task (that is, the number of words and time available)? Arguable – Does the research question allow for analysis, evaluation and the development of a reasoned argument?

What are the jobs for BSc chemistry?

The jobs that you will score will be:

  • Analytical Chemist.
  • Lab Manager Analytical Chemistry.
  • Research Associate Analytical Chemistry.
  • Teacher Analytical Chemistry.
  • Senior Process Analytical Scientist.