What is Footscray known for?

What is Footscray known for?

What is Footscray known for?

Along with the arts, Footscray’s known for its thriving food scene, with few better places to get authentic Vietnamese and African cuisine in Melbourne. It’s also home to one of the best burger joints around.

Is Footscray a good investment?

If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in Footscray rent out for $465 PW with an annual rental yield of 2.9% and units rent for $360 PW with a rental yield of 4.2%. Based on five years of sales, Footscray has seen a compound growth rate of 4.7% for houses and -1.1% for units.

Is Footscray a safe place to live?

The area is generally pretty safe despite what some people say about it, there are some colourful characters around but they are mostly harmless. In terms of value for money you can’t go past Footscray as it is one of, if not the most affordable suburb in relation to it’s proximity to the CBD.

Why is Footscray called Footscray?

Footscray is named after Foots Cray, on the River Cray in London, England.

Is Broadmeadows a good suburb?

“A suburb that is improving very fast. I have always found Broadmeadows to be quite a safe suburb with friendly courteous people. Sure it has some druggies and there are some people who look very poor with sunken cheeks and pale complexions and poor clothes but they are diminishing.

What is the advantage of city life?

Convenience. The convenience of city life is another point in its favor. You have everything within easy access via public transportation, a short drive, or even walking distance. You won’t need to drive for long stretches in order to get to work, go shopping, or see a show.

Should I live in the suburbs or city?

By choosing to live in the suburbs, as opposed to a city, families are able to save more money each year. On average, it was found that city-based families in the US spend at least around $9,000 more per year (in many cases, the number is significantly higher) just on basic housing and childcare costs.

Who owns Footscray market?

A SINGAPORE investor has snapped up Melbourne’s western suburbs Footscray Market for about $14 million in an off-market transaction yesterday.

Is truganina a safe suburb?

Truganina is a safe and friendly suburb with a lot of grocery shopping and heaps of great restaurant options.

Is Melton a good place to live?

Melton is a fantastic place to raise a family as well as for singles or even as an area to retire. There are great schools, a great variety of shops, lots to do and easy access to highways. Only takes around 30 mins to Melbourne CBD. Its probably one of the suburbs in Melbourne that is still affordable… for now!

What is the best suburb to live in Melbourne?

  1. South Yarra. South Yarra is among the most liveable suburbs in Melbourne.
  2. St Kilda.
  3. Carlton.
  4. Brunswick.
  5. Footscray.
  6. Fitzroy.
  7. Southbank.
  8. Richmond.

Is Footscray safe at night?

If you walk through a footscray park, by yourself, at 1 am on a Saturday night, you are asking to get mugged. However if you are smart about not putting yourself in foolhardy positions and stay in around well lit areas you will be relatively safe.