What is expansion diffusion?

What is expansion diffusion?

What is expansion diffusion?

â–¡expansion diffusion â–¡Spread of an innovation/idea through a. population in an area in such a way that the # of. those influenced grows continuously larger, resulting in an expanding area of dissemination.

What is expansion diffusion quizlet?

Expansion diffusion. The spread of an idea through a population in a way that the number of those influenced becomes continuously larger.

What is expansion and relocation diffusion?

Relocation diffusion occurs when a person migrates from their home and shares their culture with a new location. Expansion diffusion occurs when a trend is spread from its originating place, outward. There are several forms of this type of diffusion including contagious, hierarchical, and stimulus diffusion.

What is expansion diffusion APHG?

Expansion diffusion: The spread of a feature from one place to another in a snowballing process.

What is the difference between expansion diffusion and contagious diffusion?

Expansion diffusion is a type of diffusion that occurs when a trend or idea spreads from its original source, outwards, while contagious diffusion is a type of diffusion where a trend or idea spreads based on person-to-person contact within a given population.

What are the two forms of expansion diffusion?

Expansion diffusion comes in two types: contagious and hierarchal.

What is the definition of the term diffusion in geography?

Geographic diffusion involves the propagation of innovation or other phenomena, focusing on spread from place to place, leading to maps that differ from one time to another.

What is the difference between contagious and expansion diffusion?

What is the difference between expansion diffusion and relocation diffusion quizlet?

a) In the case of expansion diffusion, a phenomenon originates in an area, remains strong there, and spreads outward; in relocation diffusion, the phenomenon is carried by migrants to a distant location and diffuses from there.

What is an example of relocation diffusion in human geography?

Relocation Diffusion occurs when people move from their original location to another and bring their innovations with them. Immigration from country to country, city to city, etc. As they relocate to a new location, they bring their ideas, cultural tradition such as food, music, and more.