What is EntityTypeConfiguration?

What is EntityTypeConfiguration?

What is EntityTypeConfiguration?

Allows configuration to be performed for an entity type in a model. An EntityTypeConfiguration can be obtained via the Entity method on DbModelBuilder or a custom type derived from EntityTypeConfiguration can be registered via the Configurations property on DbModelBuilder.

What is the use of OnModelCreating?

The DbContext class has a method called OnModelCreating that takes an instance of ModelBuilder as a parameter. This method is called by the framework when your context is first created to build the model and its mappings in memory.

What is entity type builder?

EntityTypeBuilder(IMutableEntityType) This is an internal API that supports the Entity Framework Core infrastructure and not subject to the same compatibility standards as public APIs. It may be changed or removed without notice in any release.

What is fluent API .NET core?

Entity Framework Fluent API is used to configure domain classes to override conventions. EF Fluent API is based on a Fluent API design pattern (a.k.a Fluent Interface) where the result is formulated by method chaining. In Entity Framework Core, the ModelBuilder class acts as a Fluent API.

What is ModelBuilder C#?

Provides a simple API surface for configuring a IMutableModel that defines the shape of your entities, the relationships between them, and how they map to the database. You can use ModelBuilder to construct a model for a context by overriding OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder) on your derived context.

What is the purpose of DbContext?

You can think of DbContext as the database connection and a set of tables, and DbSet as a representation of the tables themselves. The DbContext allows you to link your model properties (presumably using the Entity Framework) to your database with a connection string.

Can you use EF6 with .NET Core?

You can’t put an EF6 context in an ASP.NET Core project because . NET Core projects don’t support all of the functionality that EF6 commands such as Enable-Migrations require.

Is EF Core faster than EF6?

Let’s check that out. The conclusions are obvious: in almost every test conducted by Chad, Entity Framework Core 3 is faster than Entity Framework 6 – exactly 2.25 to 4.15 times faster! So if performance is important to your application and it operates on large amounts of data, EF Core should be a natural choice.

What is fluent API in Entity Framework?

Advertisements. Fluent API is an advanced way of specifying model configuration that covers everything that data annotations can do in addition to some more advanced configuration not possible with data annotations.