What is Dean Malenko?

What is Dean Malenko?

What is Dean Malenko?

WWE legend Dean Malenko has opened up about his heartbreaking daily battle living with Parkinson’s disease.

How old is Dean Malenko?

61 years (August 4, 1960)Dean Malenko / Age

Why did Dean Malenko retire?

He suffered a heart attack and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease during the period. Malenko left WWE in 2019 and was signed by AEW as a senior producer.

How much does Dean Malenko weigh?

Billed Weight: 212 lbs. Instead, Malenko simply dominated the cruiserweights in WCW and WWE, winning the Light Heavyweight Championship twice in WWE, four Cruiserweight Championships in WCW, as well as the United States and tag team championships in WCW.

Is Debbie Malenko related to Dean?

CAREER TRAJECTORY: -Debbie Drake was trained in Boris Malenko’s gym alongside his sons Dean & Joe- in honor of that, she was allowed to be called “Debbie Malenko” during her run- this has a bit of weight in Japan, where Boris was a thing for a while.

How tall is Dean Malenko?

5′ 8″Dean Malenko / Height

Who is the smallest WWE?

So let’s look at the Top 10 Shortest WWE superstars of all time.

  • Hornswoggle (4ft 5 inches): Advertisement.
  • Drake Maverick (5ft 4 inches):
  • Spike Dudley (5 ft 5 inches):
  • Kalisto (5 ft 6 inches):
  • Rey Mysterio (5 ft 6 inches):
  • Evan Bourne (5 ft 7 inches):
  • Funaki !
  • Sin Cara (5 ft 7 inches):

Who is the lightest WWE wrestler?

The 10 Lightest Wrestlers In WWE History

  1. 1 MARK ANDREWS (147 LBS)
  2. 2 SPIKE DUDLEY (150 LBS)
  4. 4 AKIRA TOZAWA (156 LBS)
  5. 5 LIO RUSH (160 LBS)
  7. 7 T.J. PERKINS (167 LBS)
  8. 8 RICH SWANN (168 LBS)

What age is Molly Holly?

44 years (September 7, 1977)Molly Holly / Age