What is DataProvider annotation in TestNG and why you use it?

What is DataProvider annotation in TestNG and why you use it?

What is DataProvider annotation in TestNG and why you use it?

@DataProvider annotation helps us write data-driven test cases. The @DataProvider annotation enables us to run a test method multiple times by passing different data-sets. The name of this data provider. If it’s not supplied, the name of this data provider will automatically be set to the name of the method.

How do you parameterize in TestNG?

Passing Parameters with testng. xml

  1. Create a java test class, say, ParameterizedTest1. java.
  2. Add test method parameterTest() to your test class. This method takes a string as input parameter.
  3. Add the annotation @Parameters(“myName”) to this method. The parameter would be passed a value from testng.

What is DataProvider in Selenium explain?

DataProvider helps with data-driven test cases that carry the same methods but can be run multiple times with different data sets. It also helps in providing complex parameters to the test methods.

How do I use DataProvider in BeforeMethod?

TestNG “@before” methods cannot be used directly with a @DataProvider . But a @BeforeMethod “will be run before each test method” and what you want is something more like @BeforeClass which “will be run before the first test method in the current class is invoked” (TestNG – 2 – Annotations).

Which attribute should be used for calling DataProvider from another class?

Invoke DataProvider from different class By default, DataProvider resides in the same class where test method is or its base class. To put it in some other class we need to make data provider method as static and in test method we need to add an attribute dataProviderClass in @Test annotation.

How do you use DataProvider in cucumber?

Cucumber can be executed in parallel using TestNG and Maven test execution plugins by setting the dataprovider parallel option to true. In TestNG the scenarios and rows in a scenario outline are executed in multiple threads. One can use either Maven Surefire or Failsafe plugin for executing the runners.

What is the return type of DataProvider?

0 it is taken from an array m_allTestMethods (which is empty). Iterator is an ACCEPTED return type for a dataProvider – in the end it’s a object array nothing else.

What is @parameter annotation in TestNG?

@Parameters describes how to pass parameters to a @Test method. There are mainly two ways through which we can provide parameter values to test-methods: Through testng XML configuration file. Through DataProviders.

Can we use DataProvider in BeforeClass?

Your DataProvider would basically provide values that your factory method requires to create TestClass instances. Within your TestClass instance you can then have a @BeforeClass or a @BeforeMethod work with the values received while instantiation and proceed.